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Get fit, thats it!
I will post a routine later, this is also part of the more man candy for MR challenge.

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Does anyone else do inverted sit ups?
like the ones where you're sitting with your bum against like a couch or wall or something so your back is on the ground?
Nope, the ones where you are upside down.
sexual intercorse
works the core(stomach)
and arms if u give him a gud hand bash or give urself a gud hand bash all over her/his face^^
in different positions u can work on different mucles
u can also inprove ur flexibility
for info on sexarobics contact me on my page
and remember when doing anal use lube
skankin is good exercise
no kidding! that shit whips me right out
Chin up bar/punching bag is all I have. chin ups are real fun, and I do laps up/down the stairs with the bag on my shoulder to try and simulate realistic movement that I'm most likely to get myself into each day.
I find sit ups/crunches really boring, so I don't do them (and I've read crunches put a lot of tension on your spine). Push ups aren't much more exciting, but it's easy enough to wear a knapsack full books or something to shorten your routine. I'm not going to look like the dudes from 300, but it gets the job done.
Roller Skating! Not blades. It's definitely a good workout. Cardio, leg work, etc :D

2 mile wheel in a manual wheelchair does cardiac and weights :) but yea not great for ur legs if u can use em if not who cares :P


i got a workout for ya, fightclub dude, workout+improving fighting skills, all ya need
My knees are useless but I can get down the gym for some endurance training on the weights.
you shouldn't be on your knees so much ;D


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