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Ok, so i got my mohawk last sunday, and since then whenever i wear it up, my mom looks at me like i'm scum. It's just fucking hair. I didn't go get a tattoo of FUCK YOU across my forehead, i don't come home high or drunk, its just fucking hair. She treats me like shit, and my dad and stepmom almost disowned me. How did you guys deal with getting a mohawk with conservative close minded parents? BTW i'm 16 and still in school, but going to job corps in the next months, so they don't even have to deal with me for much longer.

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My mom didn't try to stop me from first getting my mohawk back in early October. Though she did try to get me to change my mind, though I obviously didn't.

I suppose that hopefully your parents will just get used to your hawk after a while. Like other people have said, sooner or later they're bound to realize that you're you, mohawk or not.
Just got mine yesterday. My mom said it was interesting, she is unenthusiastic but supportive. lol she just thinks it's weird/aweful that i used glue for my liberty spikes today. XD. My dad was just like "nice"
lol. i love havin mad chill parents.
wow toker is such a fukin rebel
Thought i should let yall know, that my mom deals with it now. She gives me advice on how to put it up and make it look good. My dad shaves the sides of my head for me, and neither really bitches anymore. And my step mom likes it!
yay for cool moms and dads! now go give em a hug and REALLY freak em out :)
Toker: Being an unwarranted asshole to your parents is fucking stupid. It accomplishes nothing. Stop acting like a big tough kid, and go give your mom a kiss. Why do most kids these days think it's uncool to love your parents? I love my parents and I'm not ashamed to be with them in public like most people my age.

On topic: I got my mohawk last year. I told my mom a few days before and she didn't believe me. She said my head wasn't the shape for it, and such. Then I got it, showed her, and she said she was wrong and it looks great on me. She even helped me put my hair up in the beginning. Every week my dad or sister shaves my head. The most insulting thing I get from them (it isn't even insulting, really) is them making Nazi references when I have my hair down ("Sig heil!", and such).
dude my parents r the fuckn assholes mind your business bro. i dont give a shit what they think of me or how i live.
yeah. i didn't like toker's advice either... (how to be a dick)
glad your parents are cool with it (except for the nazi shit). ciao
Man, you've just given me hope for the next generation.
wow. i dont give a flying fuck what the hell my mom thinks, if she is seriously going to question my individuality and make me question her "weird-ass" perks, then she can go fuck off. I dont give a shit what the hell anyone thinks, i just know that i'm happy and that's all that matters. my mom and dad are pretty cool though. my mom is sick of the spikes, but again, i dont give a fuck. im goin to keep my hair the way i fucking want it! my dad makes fun of my style and the way i dress and the clothes i wear, but i always tell him, you know, mabey its good that im different because this earth would be hell (if it isnt already w/ the economy!) if we were all the same. i dress and style my hair the way I want to, and nobody's going to tell me different. K?

if i were you, i tell your mom to go FUCK OFF somewhere and that you dont want anything to do with her if she is going to be like that. tell her off. cuss her out, do everything you can to yell at her (dont hit her though, b/c thats not cool) (this really doesnt matter [her reaction] since you're going away soon. do this all in a day before you leave. make her cry, and make her sorry for treating you like shit. if she's anything like a human, she'll learn real fucking quick that she CANNOT do that! [especially to her baby boy! (all moms think were still babies deep down)] and trust me, she'll come down and apologize and even then, dont pay any attention to her. still tell her to fuck off somewhere. do things that she would never even think you could do. make her life hell. until she totally breaks down, dont let up! dont show that you're weak! show her how worse things can really get, and she'll quickly realize that the mohawk isnt bad after all. [I had to do this with my mom] she'll learn just how much of a pain-in-the-ass you can really be! show your punk!)
That's not punk, that's just being a fucking idiot.


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