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I am fucking sick of it.
SO in this thread, discuss: your experiences, why you think it happens, strategies, etc
ANYTHING on topic is fine by me

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stab as many people as possible
use screwdrivers
Pfft, i use a sword.....or my hair.
TAKE THAT YA CUNT, i got told to headbut people and say that, by some drunk guys at a protest :)

and on
darts will save you

for real though, i never had much of a problem,and when i did i was a lot younger, and the last time the kid was pulled away, i really didn't wanna fight cuz i didn't feel like getting kicked out with 4 months left of school lol.

around school adn work, people know me for someone who wrestles and have fought all my life, so no one has botherd with me, but iv never had trouble outside of school and work either, im usually pretty quite when im in public, a lot of 'gangsters' around where i live, but i just try and steer away from fights.
Doesn't work.
You can do what lame guys do and form a gang.

Unfortunately I've always been looked at as a big scary guy. So people usually steer clear from me.

So whats going on that you started this?
I can barely walk down the street without people starting a fight.
i cant walk down a streeet without thinking about a fight lol, im only 5'2, very short but i walk around with one fuck of a chip on my shoulder, in the little guy that not matter what will go for the biggest guy he can find lol, i was really big on fight acouple years back, used to go out and get into fights for the fun of it, to the point that people who pull a knife out and i stand there and laugh, the worst one was a guy tried to mug me one night, pulled a gun out on me, i was alittle drunk at the time so decided to eat the gun, i had it in my mouth shouting at him to pull the trigger, the guy started to shake and ran off, i have 2 pieces of advice for you....

1. laugh any pain off, last year i had a 11 foot drop and dislocated my leg, had to smash it back into place, i sat there and laught for 2 hours non-stop in pain, but i took it.
2. believe in yourself, the only reason why i have got through sooo many fights was simply believing in myself, knowing that i wanted to win no matter what the cost, to prove a point, to have conviction.

i dont fight anywhere near as much as i used to, only when people need my help im there for them but due to have those 2 things ive managed to have alot of violent experiances and come out on the other side with a smile.
my sword needs blood...getting dusty lmao
I have absolutely nil self confidence.


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