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What piercings do you have/want? Likes/dislikes about ones you have?

I only have my ears pierced, very average. Really want an Industrial on my left ear. Also want a Monroe. Used to want spider bites, but my fam has mostly succeeded in talking me out of them.

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I have my septum, four stretched ear piercings on each ear, 2g and 00g, and I absolutely love them. I used to have a conch but it got infected so I had to take it out. I always have people asking me if my septum hurts, and I always say not one bit. I got my 2g piercings dermal punched, now that really fucking hurt.

6 in my right ear, 5 in my left (various stretched in both ears), and a ring in my nose. The list of what I want done is nearly never ending lol. I just can't afford to get them all and I refuse to have a non-professional touch me with a needle.

See, im lucky, my best friend is a piercing artist. 2$ piercings ahoy!

Nice! I am jealous. I don't even have any ink yet thanks to always being broke. I need some piercer/tattoo artist friends for sure.

i have an industrial in my left ear ( as well as other body piercings but its the only one igot in either ear) before igot it i read up about it an ppl did say it was an awkward one to have done well,that it could go wrong more easily than most piercings but mine has always been fine ....cept wen some dick decided to whack me on it a week after it was done, it swelled up a bit but got no scarring or anything. jus make sure you use someone who you trust and has been recomended to you . coz its two piercings joined together its got to line up perfectly or it can put pressure on one of the holes if its outta line, the bar shouldnt be touching the inside of your ear at all except where it goes into the skin,i guess thats where a lot of problems come from..... i like it coz its not really a usual piercing or flesh tunnel that everyones got.


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