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does any one know where to get pink hair dye in mississauga ontario preferably around the square one area

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or even make it by like mixing red i have manic panic rock and roll red and passion red around but i want a bright pink and dont know what i would have to do to make it
the spencers i have near me has non and we have no hot topic but il try more beauty supply stores
i have one of those in VA! i thought it was only here haha yea they have pretty good colours
okay thanks
go to the bramalea city centre in brampton.
there's a store called... mailika? i think thats it.
it's right by the PJ's pet store.

there's this dye in there called Adore. its $10 a bottle.
the two women that run the shop are awesome.
i have so many conversations with them about my hair :D

but its only semi permanent dye.
sooo... i find it washes out pretty quickly if you wash your hair a lot.
but, if you don't wash your hair really vigourously, and if you put a bit of the dye in the conditioner you're using, it should stay pretty colourful for a while.

it's what i use in my hair. which looks like that picture that i juuuuust took.

hope that helps!
oh well i found it turns out there was a sallys beauty supply kinda near me so i went and i found a dye called N rage im not sure if its any good yet havent washed my hair it says its permanent and it bleaches and dyes in one formula
ooh that sounds good. tell me how it turns out!
and how much was it?
i might wanna try it out :P
yea let me know too! i havent tried that one yet...i was too scared lol
well the colour is really nice but when it bleaches your roots or at least mine they only got bleached and didnt turn pink so now i have orange roots and the rest is pink but it almost looks like i did it on purpose so it doesn't look bad as for how permanent the dye really is il get back to you on that


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