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which do you prefer? me personnally, its booze :)

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Used to be alcohol for me, then pot, and now alcohol again... it's a cycle. Pot brings me down though, and alcohol brings me up. What about hairspray fumes?


 Whiskey. I can watch the calories and get fucked up... and pot is a no-no to have inside you at my job.. They randomly test you..

Hooray synthetic urine!

I say mostly alcohol, but pots ok along with pills, and kratom >: D

There is still one site that ships Salvia everywhere in the US. PM me if your interested, because im trying not to advertise or spam lol

Alcohol, PBR preferably.

Here is Wisconsin it's hipster beer XD

I'm defiantly a smoker, I can get more things done when i'm high compared to being drunk. Weed is safer too. 

I don't know man. My tolerance is so low that I took 2 hits off a joint 2 days ago and FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. I thought I was stuck in a sega genesis game, then I thought I died and was a ghost XD

yeah, thats pretty funny. I've tripped out on psychedelics and it was some funny but weird shit happening. On i occasions, like tonight, I use alcohol and pot. Why not? I don't use any substance too often though.



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