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So,what was your hair like before you got a mohawk?

Over the years my hair just kept getting shorter and shorter until i got mine.=]

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REALLLY fucking long hair
My hair was, to-the-ass long until about eighth grade...then I got dreadlocks, then I took them out, then I dyed it black, then I cut big chunks off, then I had your stereotypical "emo" dude's cut for a couple years, some crew cuts, et cetera, and then one day I decided to have a mohawk.
down to my hips i think it was purple before i gt the hawk but i found it hard to ajust frm hair covering my boobies to barely coverin my ears
but i wudnt change it for the world
i love my hair
Been through a few styles, from longish hair to spikey; to mohawk; to skinhead; to parted (for work) and back to mohawk. My stripes started at the sides, then to my beard - sometimes I've got rid of the beard too, but I tended to miss it. =)
Welp, I've been getting my hair cut since I was nine (I'm almost 27 now). For the longest time I always got the pixy-style cuts where it was down in front and spiky in the back. Although there was one year in high school where I would shave my head and leave my bangs and dye them funky colors. Then I went back to the pixy-styles up until last year when I got my first 'hawk. :)
i either had extremely short hair, cause of track. or an afro. and when it's not either of those, it's a mohawk.
My hair was to my hips until I was like 10 then I cut it to my shoulders and it pretty much stayed at my shoulders, but in varying colors, until I was 18 and then I just got tired of it and cut it really short. From there I started getting pixie cuts and have had my hair short for the past 2 years. I finally decided to go for it and I couldn't be happier!
this was me before my I got liberty spikes
i kept it short most of the years because of judo+wrestling, and i took it very seriously, so i had to keep it short form kids pulling on it on purpose(it did happen lol) but when i would grow it out, the longest i got was a bit past my ears, and EVERYONE commented "you look like the Beatles!" that exactly how my hair usually grows out and i had it like that for awhile, adn then cut it short one last time, let it grow out and then got the hawk and havent looked back.

the longest it ever got, was 2 or 3 years ago, im on the left, the right is my cousin:
my hair was down to the bottom of my back when i was young. then i cut it to my shoulders. then just below my ears, then i grew it out again to my shoulders. umm.... stayed like that for years. then i shaved the back of my head. then i decided i wanted a mohawk but i had to wait for the back to grow long enough which took FOREVER so i had the most ridiculous scene-kid hair because it would get all poofy at the back........ and now i have my mohawk.

love it.



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