Mohawks Rock

punk and mohawks seems to be turning into something 'fashionable'

or is it just me that think this?
to be perfectly honest i think it takes the piss.
round where i live there's fucking scene's thinking they can go ahead and hawk up.
mainly i think because they crave attention and i dont know about you but i couldnt care less about the attention i get.
i didnt get my mohawks over 2 years ago to get strangers 'umm'ing and 'aww'ing at me everywhere i bloody well go.

and doc martens coming into fashion because of this whole 'gothic winter' look.
people end up going through different stereotypes as i do underwear.

corr really does boil my bath tub it does.
i'll stop and let you tell me how you feel on the subject before i go off on another tangent.

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ive had scene bitches come up to me and ask me where i got my hair done because they wanted to do it too,and mind you their hair resembles a tumbleweed right now,i said to them they dont deserve to have a mohawk and they bitched at me then i got in their face and they frantically walked away.with their neon green skinny jeans and gaudy hello kitty necklaces and metro station made me laugh.

but yeah ive been seeing this all over the place,that punk has become a fashion icon,mostly i think it is because 'punks' make a statement wherever they go,hawk or not,due to the 'bizarre' clothing and attitude.

personally it pisses me the fuck off seeing little scene bitches copying everyyythingggg.

they say they dont want to fit in but they attack any new style and make it ugly neon and gaudy.
>>>Implying that punk hasn't been fashionable since the first hot topic opened up.

I don't see why it matters what others do - if it ain't interfering with you being able to wear it - after all, if it's only a fashion for them, wait a couple years and they'll move on to something else.

Maybe it's just because I've seen lots of fashions come and go.

I don't hold to a strict dress-code to fit others' perceptions of what I am. If I decide I want to wear something, I'll do it, I don't care if it's in fashion or out of fashion for others. The only advantage to it being in fashion for me, is that that makes it easier to get what I like.

What irritates me more, is when something I like stops being made because not enough people wear it because fashion has moved on and I ain't! =)
well said
nice fucking philosophy xD
Yeah, I used to wear converses because well, I thought they were cool, and my sister did to, we wore them a lot. Now, half the kids in school wear the bloody things. Yet, (thankfully) no other kid is sporting a hawk.
I've always said the same. I didn't shave the sides of my head 2 years ago just to get exclamations. I did it because it appeals to me. I like it, save what anyone else thinks. It is your head, do what you will. I have also donned my Docs for 2 years. Forget the masses. Who cares what they think? You are just playing into their hand by getting upset over it. Stay strong.
fashion changes and is repetitive , but true hawk lovers stay hawk lovers , I have had mine now going on 33 years , thankfully most people around me are just sheep and would not have a single original thought in their head , which means I get a lot of people copying me all the time , it does not bother me as they usually screw things up and I get to laugh at them .
haha aye
i mean like you say
it doesnt matter what they do
and it will no doubt blow over so they can move onto some other style and rip it to shreds.
none the less, suppose theres one positive point, cheaper stuff and maybe more of it.
god knows
cheers for the input folk
i say style...
you know what i mean.
whatever it is.
you cant call it anything because theres so many different names people call it.
choose your pick
i honestly dont give a shit, let people do whatever the fuck they want


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