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I dont shower all the time, do you?

i dont brush my teeth all the time either.

how about shaving? not as much.. i do it when i expect someone to feel me. but other than that no..

what do you guys think? lets talk about it.


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Hygiene is important, without it you get sick and die.

It's not hard to brush your teeth, wash your hands and yourself.


I don't really care about others hygiene, but I almost always taking a shower, atleast when I'm able to it once a day. I'm very self-critical, I always have to be clean and good-looking, no destoyed make-up or smelling because I'm very easy getting insecure and totaly ignores people. But if I meet someone and they smells I don't care except when they're going on like "I allways smells", take a shower every morning so you don't smell then, you're swetting through the night even if you don't know it ... anyway, it's the inside that matters, the inside makes the outside. I do brush my teeth sometimes, often in school because I'm allways forgetting, so I've got toothpaste and a toothbrush in my backpack! XD If I know I've got a bad breath I can also brush my teeth just for the sake of the "normal" people ^^ I'm just being me, with other words :)


Well ... I'm shaving before a party, before I'm sleepinng over at someone I know I might have sex with, otherwise when it's getting toooooo mutch :o

i'll be honest last shower like two months ago no joke and ahh i could care less about the shower i dont smell i mean yeah i'm "dirty" but who gives a shit i don't have a desease and my boyfriend likes me just fine! haha as for teeth ahhh i like my teeth so i try to brush them as offten as i can...

and shaving hahahahahaha big joke i'll go months and months and even then i only shave when i tbugs me if he wants it bad enough sorry it's just hair and it's not goin anywhere?

hahaha yessssss
Two months? Wtf. Thats pretty rank.
hahaha, yummy.
hmmm let me think,, well if I wasn't screwing all the time I probably might skip a few days but,lets be honest dry pussy juice needs to be washed off,,lol it doesn't smell to good after about 2 hours,lol
agreed. greatly
Here here!

last time i showered was........i dont even remember haa

i dont really brush my teeth

i shave when i'm going to wear shorts

i dont mind being dirty:)


i hardly brush my teeth.. hahah... exept when im in the shower i will..

just cause.. im lazy as fuck


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