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where could i find a jean vest ??? what kind of styled vest should i look for???

what about leather jackets???

whats the best hairdye out there???

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anywhere, whatever
look real hard on the internet, know what kind of style you really want
what? for...?? yeah see im knew to the vest and leather jacket. i tried with vests but they were wyayy too thin!
thrift shops and 2nd hand stores would prob be the cheapest way to find things..ebay would also be a good bet.

my opinion for best hair dye: punky colors
like brands that stay in longer.
aww thank yous!
Look around the site for all of your questions. The answers are there. Promise.

Your style is the best style. "Punk" is about making your own everything. Clothes, hair style, color, and most importantly personality. Create your own. It is even possible to create your own hair dye -just get creative.
ohh sweetnesss. yeah ive tried.....they always seem to fall apart.
ill try again tho. if my sewing machine liked me more!
Hey, no need for sewing machines. I sew and embroider by hand. Sewing is pretty badass when you actually take the time to learn it, instead of throwing in a few weak stitches here and there =D.

Hair dye depends on your hair and your preferences. The level of maintenance you're willing to work with, experience, tricks and tips you know all factor into how and what. I'm a fan of Punky Colour, Special Effects, and RAW.
aww yeah i usually do it by hand toos.
yeah true it is.
Sewing machines fail with thick threadz and leahter =/ gotta do it yourself all the time...
alrighty . yeah i would prefer to make my own instead of buying one.
agreed doing it by hand is way more satisfying yers im a guy and what i can also knit bite me lol
ahhaha you knit. thats sweet tho. :)


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