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Wassup y'all. I JUST got outta tha county slammer and I'm set to stun. Lets fukkin PaRTY! MmMMM yesssssa! Fukkin freedom. Jail is no place for a mohawk. Not a real one anyway. Some stupid assholes are really gay about everything. But as you can imagine, I didn't give a fudge. I still stood that shit up with the deodorant soap they give you if you're broke. It was a place to stay. However, I couldn't wait to get back to the alley with the rest of the trash.

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If you're in the alley with the rest of the trash than how do you have access too a computer?

Just wondering.
Library 0_o
- a million cause you're gay
No response? Of course not. Why would there be?
Jail is no place for a mohawk: Yeah it just gives them something to hold when they're behind you pounding away.
But then it's only gay if you push back.

O_o what?

If you're in the alley with the rest of the trash than how do you have access too a computer?

Maybe he stole a computer and that's why he was in jail?
And he's stealing a neighbours unsecured wifi connection. And electricity to power the computer.

Maybe he hasn't replied because he set himself to "stun".

Work should not let me have days off.
You made me laugh. Yep...that's all I had to say. Thank you.

/me curtsys
...I think he got sent back to jail.
Seems no one knows what a public library is anymore?

Most of my friends get online that way...haha
Good point.


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