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I am looking into buying either docs or combat boots. I went to a local shop but the styles they have in my size are shit.

Someone told me that the quality of new docs are horrible and I need to buy old ones. Any tips where i can find them?

Or has anyone heard of English Grinder Boots? I found some on ebay for cheap and wanted feedback of them|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

What looks better with like camo pants tucked in a 14 hole or 10 hole? Thanks :D

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Anyone have experiences with Demonia boots as well. There are some for like 80 bucks online which seems like a good price
shit docs are good an all but id go to and get a pair of Panzer boots they are uber fuckin comfortable one of the best boots ive ever worn. and go for the 14 holes. and Demonias are fuckin awesome i love em another amazing pair of boots
yeah they are real nice but you forgot to tell that it is swastikas under the outer sole but they're real nice ;)
you can get em without the swastikas lol
Haha yeah I was like sweet! those boot look cool! Then I looked at the bottom, I wouldn't mind, cuz that thing doesn't bother me, but I know that people here would freak out, and I really don't need that now.
HAHA, thought the name was question about boobs.

Ebay for older docs.
My boyfriend likes grinders, but not the price.

As for tucked in pants, it really doesn't matter. Unless they are like 6 or 8 eye. then it starts looking funky.
I wear 14s almost every day and Sam switches between 14s and I think 10s and they always look fine. It depends on how comfortable they are for you - you may not like how high or how low they hit you on the leg or muscle.
eBay is good for boots - mind you, you have to check the pictures carefully. I got a pair of boots and one of the side straps for a lace-hook was missing and the logo's on the soles had been gouged out with a heating iron or something...kinda disappointing 'cause I didn't spot it in the ad pics. But got other pairs off eBay that were in great condition and cheap.

Ah, so that's what Sam is wearing in one of your pics! :D Heh heh I'd assumed it was docs. Never seen any Grinders here abouts - pity, 'cause they look cool in pics. I'm gonna be on the look out now for some UK ones. =)

Btw, Deadkid, did you bid and win the item?
Hmm. The ones with red laces are docs. He's also got a cherry red pair.

I don't think he's worn grinders in a while. He needs new boots though haha he is in love with the burgundy rub grinders, but usually neither of us can afford the pairs we find. =[ haha
i personally like my US Military combat boots, to me they fit well didnt cost as much as the other kind... just go to an army surplus store you'll find all sorts of cool shit there!
I did go a while back and I wasn't really digging on the boots... and they were a bit meh..

I'd rather buy from a local punk shop and support then than a big corporation
local punk shops buy from big corps just so you know lol its almost unavoidable...the way i see it i'm doing my part to help alleviate the federal deficit lmao jkjk god knows they need it! i'm all about saving money, i'm a cheap bastard hahahah! just go with what you like, man!


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