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ok i want to die my mohawk but i really dont see any colors i like... the best color i like is red but to me when someone has a big red mohawk it reminds me of a trojans helmet...and any other color isnt as interesting ...but either way wondering what colors yall think i should do..just name random manic panic colors or something i dont care just curious on yalls opinions...

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special effects fishbowl or blue haired freak
Go Or-ran-jee (my special way of saying orange ^^)
And I'm no so sure that manic is the best way to go...
I know its not manic panic, but the best color I've ever had was Punky Colors Spring Green.
Yea the spring green and def an amazing color. It lasts quite a long time too. Punky color is waaay better then manic panic either way.
Ive though about that before...unfortunately I don't have much of a color schemed wardrobe... so I'm kinda screwed.
ya every shirt i have is black with like a secondary color...all of them are black and red,and one black and silver
Then go red. Or black. Or silver. Orrr do red sides and a black top. That'd be snazzy.
GREEEEEN is my favorite!
I like manic panic electric lizard but it doesn't stick to most people's hair. It's a really light green.
And like protagonist said, punky color spring green is pretty vivid.
I liked red when I was in high school but it's a really common color people who want to be "edgy" dye their hair. It does look really nice on some people though.
Hmmm, I like it when people just do a cacophony of different colors all over. OOOH! Especially when they have a fading effect. Like light blue then dark blue then purple or something like that.
Leopard is a fun time!
blue, orange, pink


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