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So, what does everyone like to read here? I just got done with LOTR (nerdy, I know) and I need some new material! I like Bradbury, David Sedaris, Nabokov, S. King, Irvine Welsh just to name a few. I was thinking about Clockwork Orange, but after skimming a few pages I was turned away by the writing style. WTF is he talking about?! baaaaaah.

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anything by chuck palahniuk!!!!!!!!! i love me some chuck palahniuk.. he wrote fight club, and quite a few other AMAZING books. i highly recommend invisible monster, choke, and fight club.. after those youll be hooked for sure and find the others on your own ;) ill have to go skim my books for titles and authors to a few others i really liked
ahh, i was recommended choke by someone a while back...i forgot who tho..huh.
If you read Choke, you have to see the movie. It just came out recently <3
If anyone is interested in anarchist philosophy, I'd highly recommend Fields, Factories and Workshops and The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin.
Also Statism and Anarchy and God and the State by Mikhail Bakunin.
Read 1984. I know you will like it. Its really really good. Hm. I liked all of Michael Crichtons book. You know, Andromada strain and like, Jurassic Park. Good stuff.
Yeah Crichton was good (RIP). I read Jurassic Park, Lost World and Congo long time ago. Fun stuff!
'Model Railroader', 'Trains', and 'Railroad Model Craftsman' magazines.

Light humor and mysteries in fictional literature.
I agree re 'Clockwork Orange'. The cinema version was well done, though. One of the few cases where the film was better than the book. '2001: A Space Odysey' and 'The Andromeda Strain' (original version) are others where the film version is better than the book.
With that being said, I'm glad i didn't buy clockwork orange when I was flipping thru it at the bookstore.
College now? Wow, education has gone down hill. It was required reading in my 11th grade English class. And we had to understand it. I also had to read and translate 'Faust' from the original German text in high school. And for those who are wondering, it was a public general high school.

While we're on the subject of Orwell, you might also read '1984'. An eerie prediction of the future (and the origin of the phrase 'Big Brother is watching you').
damn dude, i took german for two years in high school. never once read a single piece of german literature (written in german of course).


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