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How many relationships have you been in? Do you find that people dont find you attractive because of your hair or how you dress? What sort of people do you go for? Are you in one now?

I have just been rejected. Again.

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Haha parentheses peril!! Stealing that if you don't mind. And these are parentheses ( ) and these are brackets [ ] What are these called? { } parentheses as well?
Those be Curly brackets....or Braces.
Oh, and yeah, they are used for hugs in chat, like so:


relationships suck
they rly suck
they suck
I guess I'm super lucky, because the girl I have been dating for a year and some months is amazing. ^-^ She loves my hair, and we like the same things generally. I don't really know how to say how awesome it is to know her. ^-^ Okay I'll stop making you puke with our cuteness.
Dude, cuteness is okay! haha

Don't let her go! :-)
-pinches your cheek- your adorabul lol
A few, yes, I go for people who aren't bound by the restraints of society, people who do what they want to do, I'm in a relationship now ^_^
PS *dude hug*
Hmm, brit boys are lovely :-) You'll have no trouble there, I would think.
none taken - the gay boys in my area are a bit weird and over the top.. not all, but the majority of young queers are divas, and it's getting old fast.

I join you in the day dreaming ;-) hahaha


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