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both nazis and openly admit to it it, please ban these fuckers now.

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Wait so its not insane clown posse?
I thought you had to be a anti-semi homophobe and have Nazi ideals to be Nazi. What a dope I've been.
......that's a pic from american history x....ironically, it's an anti racist film.....BAM, the more you know.
As much as i don't agree with your beliefs you're a satanist i'm a christian, you're a nazi and i'm a libertarian... i think that requesting a ban on these people is uncalled for. I don't like white pride, i dont advocate any kind of "pride" that would oppress and abuse others but by fighting people who want to stamp out difference, by stamping them out for being different is not the answer... these guys may offend you, these guys may even want to persecute you for your race or creed but lets be serious for a minute this is the internet, if someone offends you don't reply, just turn it off. if you disagree then just agree to disagree. we have our own anti racist groups, they don't bitch about that to us. i've read some of the comments on the White Pride guy's profile and while i think he's a closed minded twit i respect his right to believe what he wants...

i just hope you will stave off your irrational anger to do the same
thank you for not bein an asshole
no prob... i just hope others will listen to reason
yea me too lol
your opinion is disgusting and wrong.
dude seriously just shut the fuck up i never did shit to you get over ya self
get over yourself doesn't apply to this, please use the correct insults if you want to insult me.

you may not have done anything to me, but your opinion means that you justify genocide and i think its disgusting and wrong.
well congrats you have an opinion but guess what? me too so maybe i think communism is disgusting and wrong but you dont see me attacking you
That's because i'm not a communist


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