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Im thinking about getting a nose piercing myself cuz my parents wont
 let me. Not through the septum but just on the side of my nostril. I don't know anything about nose ring gauges and stuff but i know that smaller gauge= bigger diamtere. So i was wondering if anyone had experience with this stuff and whati should use to pierce my nose with.

Oooh yea and i want to try and pierce my eyebrow but i heard that hurts crazy and gets infected EASY. I would really like someone to help me with this stuff cuz i dont wanna get my ass dead from a little hole in my face -.-

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There is already allot of posts on this subject; the general conclusion is that you should not do it unless you are willing to risk infection, nerve damage, and poor placement. But if you don't mind about any of that, go for it; just make sure your dad won't rip it out of you. Oh, and make sure you keep it clean (whether you get it done professionally or by yourself.) Trust me, infections are not fun.
Have you ever did one yourself? Cuz i cant find a needle the right gauge to pierce with.
Ok, if you can't get your hands on a brand spanking new (not cleaned, the sanitation of that kind of thing expires) tri-beveled needle a gauge larger than what you plan to put in a surgical steel ring/stud with than you shouldn't attempt this. Also if you don't know how/where to obtain surgical steel rings/ the right needle then you haven't done enough research to be doing anything yourself.
the fact that ur asking for advice shows that u have never pierced anyone before. the nostril is kinda tricky... u gotta be careful about the place u pierce. theres a curve u need to find - there's the least tension and u must try to do it near to it and at the same time at the centre of the nostril. do it in the part closer to the mouth.
one more thing. watch some youtube stuff about the piercing part. the tube method is my personal favourite

but seriously, if u want it so bad tell ur parents that ur ready do to id urself if they dont let u. doing urself piecings when u have never pierced before is a bad idea. if u really want to, start with labrets. they are the easiest.
i wouldnt do it urself. plus a nose ring would hurt a lot worse then an eyebrow ring
If you do it yourself, or you get it done at a shop, either way your parents aren't gonna be happy right? So why don't you just go to a shop... they're obviously gonna be pissed off no matter what, but surely if you've got it done safely they'll be a bit happier than 'oh yeah i did it myself with a needle out of your sewing kit, mummy dearest'. Haha! self piercing can be good if you know what you're doing... and I'm not being a bitch, but you clearly don't.
This person is more than likely underaged to have it done with out parent consent.
Get the ink cap from a tattoo gun and stick it up ya schnoz, then use a CLEAN piercing needle (you can pick them up cheap from a chemist) and get a friend to do it.
You are truely an idiot.
Grow the hell up and wait to get a piercing. You have no clue what you are doing, and it's not just as easy as pushing a needle through your flesh, there's a LOT more to piercing than that!
Either wait for your parent's permission or wait until you're 18.
If you have to hide it, you're likely to get an infection anyways. You can just remove and replace a fresh piercing constantly and expect it to be ok and not get infected.
Do some research dear.
First one to get a dick piercing wins a pirze!!!!!!!!!
My first piercing was my nose and I did it myself with a sewing needle.
Of course it's unsanitary, and you should really go to a professional, and it might get infected, and it'll hurt and blah blah blah, but come on, pretty much anyone who's ever gone through high school has probably tried to pierce themselves at least once.
If you've got lots of time, and some tissue to stick up your nose, I say go for it.
If it doesn't work out, at least you've gained the experience.


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