Mohawks Rock not hair length =p

i'd wager a bet i'm the shortest dude here

5'3" without the 'hawk
...with remains to be seen, I haven't put mine up yet.
[well i cut my own hair once, but it was a fauxhawk and i didn't measure myself, so it doesn't count]

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I'm 5'3
im about 5'3 to 5'5 depending on the doctor hah
If it makes you feel better (although I am a chick) I'm only 5 ft 1... 5 ft 2 on a good day haha.
somedays i have a problem with it, most days i don't.

i can drive, i can ride... i don't really need much else

I need a pillow to drive my dad's truck XD
lol =p

there's this guy me and my buddies hang with, he's 6'2" 180 lbs and he refuses to spar with me.

i guess its the reputation that's preceeded me


Thats cool. I know lots of people who feel I could kick some ass...I'm not really sure why, Ive never really been an aggressive person xD
get your bike license.
then get a bitching bike, chop and stretch it.
and when you get off ppl will be like "DAAAMN SHE'S RIDING THAT?!"

Hahaha I'm not even old enough to drive a car by myself XD

Annnnd moahwk + helmet = baaaddd. But a bike wouldnt be so unrealistic for me, my dad is into that kinda stuff.
I'm 5' 6", and people call me short. >..> I guess everyone where I live is tall. Oh well!
yarr. 5'6" ain't bad at all =p
mmm then i'm not even short, i'm tiny

save for my girl who's like 5' even


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