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In risk of sounding like a complete moron, what is a skinhead?
Seriously, people always talk about them, but I have no clue whatsoever what they are.

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Well.. It depends really. There are people who are skinheads, who just listen to the music and dress that way. But they are not true skinheads.

Neo-Nazi Skinheads are white supremacists who, you guessed it, are Neo-Nazi's. They are often tied to Oi! music, which I like, and are usually white men from middle-lower class or lower-class, mostly sons of, or actual, hard labor workers. They have a the trademarked shaven to the skin head, hence the name Skinheads. They also are known to wear black docs with white laces, which means white supremacy. If you have red laces it means you've killed someone in a racist way, or you've spilled blood for your race, I can't remember which.

Skinheads, or how they have evolved, are EXTREMELY racist. They have/had ties to white supremacy gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Nation, and Stormfront.

When Skinheads first developed in England they were based off mods and listened to mostly ska and reggae and then moved onto punk and hardcore. They also were not originally racist, they were very tolerant, but were very pro-working class. They had extreme pride in where they were from and that eventually turned into hatred to anyone unlike them.

There are several anti-racism Skinhead groups such as Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, or SHARP, and Anti-Racist Action. You cannot completely group Skinheads as racist, as the original ones were not. The true Skinheads are close to their roots and are just proud working-class citizens who band together to create rights for the working-class of the world, not the racist fucks who beat up people different from them.
Dude racist skins are called Neo-Nazis Skinheads. That's why I labelled them such during the whole thing. Don't get so touchy. Here we call them Neo-Nazi Skins or just Skins. There are no normal Skinheads. And I know the originals came from Jamaica. But the movement really gained motion IN ENGLAND. Look it up if you think I'm mistaken.

And yeah laces mean nothing to Skinheads, but to Neo-Nazi Skins they mean everything.
it gained motion in england but it didn't start there, there are normal skinheads but they aren't called that, there you may call them that but its still wrong, just because people call Muslims terrorists doesn't mean they are, racist skins are called boneheads.
you got it toyota
"Skinheads, or how they have evolved, are EXTREMELY racist. They have/had ties to white supremacy gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Nation, and Stormfront."
then say you were refering to it, nethertheless it is extremely innaccurate
lol you dumb shit StormFront is a forum not a gang. and AB is not about White Supremacy theyre all about drugs and money. and Aryan Nations is full of feds you named the shittiest crews out there. try HammerSkins, Vinlanders, Combat18 now theres some good stand up Skinhead crews.
My mom seems to think that if i shave the sides of my hawk bald, then that makes me a skin and people will think im racist. Even though I tell her shes wrong,i only get to shave my sides to about a 2 haha. I dont mind it though.
haha funny mine said the same did it anyway and guess wat i got called skinhead and bonehead for the next two days but i kept it and people stopped
haha glad im not the only one. i do it bald anyway.. feels goood :]
Fun fact: the first skinheads were jamaicans living in the UK who brought reggae music over. The music: reggae, the Fashion: regurgitated mod-wear. Yes, it had much to do with the working class, even though they spent all their money on mod clothing.


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