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In risk of sounding like a complete moron, what is a skinhead?
Seriously, people always talk about them, but I have no clue whatsoever what they are.

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You travel in packs cuz you can't fight alone..
You travel in packs all of each others clones
You travel in packs cuz you have small dicks
You travel in packs you make me sick..


My bf is Jewish too, though he doesn't practice. We get beat up a lot. But I'm a black belt and he took martial arts for like.. 10 years. Haha.
Hahaha none of them practice, they don't care at all. His family is so laid back it's awesome. And we don't hate Jews. It's against the teachings of Mohammad, peace be upon him and his family, to hate other religions of the book, Christianity and Judaism. =]
Well.. the hostility is mostly between the Jews living in Israel. Because they came back and were like.. "Yo Palestinians you need to leave! This is our land!" And the Palestinians are all "Uhhh no.. We've been here for hundreds of years. You can't leave and then come back and tell us to GTFO." And then the Israeli's said "Ok, we're just going to kill you guys." And the Palestinians said, "You can try, but we'll suicide bomb your asses."

And that's how it went dooownnn. Hahaha. I am pro-Palestine though. But I was long before I converted to the religion. It's called finder's keepers. Hahaha.
Haha, little movie clip rolling in my head with them having a conversation, talking like that :P
my bf doesn't really practice ether his family does some but the are "reformed jews" which aren't really even jews and they hate me cuz i'm a "mutt" as they call it since i'm filipino and irish. i'm in jiu jitsu and mma now but i wasn't at the time what are you a black belt in?
Tae Kwon Do and I am Kendo certified. =] I was going to take Jiu Jitsu, but I have a knee injury and can't do martial arts anymore.

His family celebrates Christmas and stuff.. like.. his great grandparents were the last practicing Jews. They're pretty much all Atheist now, though some of them are kinda Christian, like the go to church only on easter and christmas ones, but pretty much all Atheist. We joke about him being Jewish because he's so cheap though haha. He bought me a Christmas present and I said.. "Ricky, a Christmas present isn't one of those toys from the 50 cent machines you see at the end of the grocery store." And he got all mad haha. He likes it though. >=D
jiu jitsu is great espacialy if your knees are bad cuz so are mine and it's pretty low impacked on your knees.

lol my bf is so cheap i tease hm all the time he did a realy good job at christmas though=]
wing chun, krav maga, muay thai
my boyfriend and i got jumped ut side a show once by some skin heads (the ass-hole kind nt the true kind) since he is jewish and i'm mix so as wooden shoes said avoid them because they do travel in packs and will find any reason to fight someone
everyone has interesting views on a "true" Skinhead so ima throw my view in there at the risk of sounding like an asshole but fuck it. I believe a true Neo-Nazi Skinhead is someone who fights proudly for the White Race and i greatly support White Pride. Theres nothing wrong with fighting for your race or being proud of your race. I am a proud White male and just because someone claims White Pride doesnt mean hes a full blown racist. Ill admit i hate niggers BUT i dont hate black people, i hate Spicks BUT i dont hate Mexicans, i hate Kikes BUT i dont hate all Jews only the ones that practice their bullshit religion and only because they think they are better then us. A Neo-Nazi is nothing more than a true Patriot. I proudly hang my White Pride flag, my Hitler Youth flag and my Nazi Battle flag. and traveling in packs isnt always a bad thing but jumping people is for niggers fighting should be evenly numbered and do whatever it takes to win never submitting to anyone and if you dont wanna be jumped carry a gun or knife with you at all times and keep it concealed because pigs will fuck with you and dont be afraid to use it.
You claimed to be a trad skin yet here you are praising nazi values....
you can still be fascist/nationalist and still hate hitler.


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