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In risk of sounding like a complete moron, what is a skinhead?
Seriously, people always talk about them, but I have no clue whatsoever what they are.

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"BUT i dont hate all Jews only the ones that practice their bullshit religion and only because they think they are better then us" LOL WUT?

That makes them different from any other religious group how?

Actually, what makes you different from them?
You seem to have your beliefs that you think makes you better than others...

I'd be willing to bet your just one of those little spoiled suburban twats, who goes around yelling "Heil Hitler!" "Heil Satan!" just to get attention because mommy and daddy didn't pay enough attention to you.
aww howd ya know? i bet your probably a kike with the cock of jesus half way up ya twot...lmao
you sir are an ill educated bigot, and disgust me.
OH and to Psycho I applaud you for speaking your mind even though I don't agree with your views. They are your own, just don't try and oppress me and my friends if you happen to see us walking down the street.
im always glad to speak my mind.
"Neo-Nazi Skinhead" [no such thing, either ur a skinhead, or a neo-nazi]

"proud White male and just because someone claims White Pride doesnt mean hes a full blown racist"

"Ill admit i hate niggers BUT i dont hate black people, i hate Spicks BUT i dont hate Mexicans"

"i dont hate all Jews only the ones that practice their bullshit religion"

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enough said.
I'm all about being proud of your race and your heritage, but that is not an excuse for hate-mongering. And racial slurs hurt entire races not just small groups of them. So saying you hate n***s and S*** and all those other hateful terms but not black people or Latinos isn't really seperating the two.

Also we really only see social and cultural ignorance and intolerance through self segragation. If one race moves into one neighborhood and will only move there because its one race only helps feed intolerance. I've heard some racist and ingorant things from good people only because they are only surrounded by one culture. (well I did know one girl who went to one of the most diverse schools in Anchorage and she still was a racist, and Bougie rich girl)

But enough about that.

I actually am really glad someone started this discussion because I didn't know about the differances between skinhead groups. I'm am fairly new to many of these sub- and counter cultures. So the more I know the farther I'll go. And thats one to grow on.
ok so every one has put their two cent's worth in and so will I , I believe that a true skin , skinhead , bonehead , punk , white supremist , what ever label you want to give a person has more to do with that individuals core belief's and personal ethos , and I believe that over time these core belief's actualy change and evolve , I was once a skinhead back then my anger was directed at minority groups that were moving into my area and taking jobs from people who were born and raised there , as time marched on I grew to realise that the people who I thought I was standing up for were just lazy ass wankers who wanted to sponge off the welfare system , that and the fact that I worked with a few of these minority imigrant's and found them to bloody hard workers and extremely family orientated , I grew to respect them , obviously my prior knowledge was flawed and when I look back at it now it is easy to see where it came from , my mother and father , racial intolerance is passed down through your family , and it is not just me , I have a palestinian friend who would gladly die to kill a jew , have a guess where is hatred came from , his family .
In the early 1960s, before the hippie movement, there were primarily two youth groups based on music in the United Kingdom. One group was called the mods, the other the rockers. Mods mostly listened to R&B, soul, ska and British rock bands such as The Who and Small Faces. Rockers mostly listened to 1950s American rock & roll. Being a mod meant dressing very well, riding a scooter and dancing late into the night. Rockers rode motorcycles and wore leather jackets, similar to greasers, their American counterparts To learn more about mods and rockers watch the movie Quadrophenia (1973).
When the psychedelic 1960s hit England, the mods split into a wide variety of fashions and styles including hippies and the skinheads. This period is where the fashion of skinheads was first defined. Skinhead fashion is intended to show pride in a traditional English working-class look.
As time went by and the skinhead movement spread around the world, the original beliefs and values evolved and split into a variety of different subcultures. Today, skinhead can mean almost anything, depending on your own beliefs, country, culture, class and where you get your information. The fascist skinheads, originally a very small minority, got a lot of press attention and in many ways were the first "ambassadors" of the skinhead look to the rest of the world. Fascist skinheads are about as common as regular fascists, and they are the exact opposite of the original skinhead philosophies and music.

so basically. a real skinhead is not racist at all. just a well dressed anarchist/communist.

and the RACIST skinheads got all the publicity.
'so basically. a real skinhead is not racist at all. just a well dressed anarchist/communist.'

v.good explanation but i have to disagree with this. even nowadays theres a lot more to anti-nazi skinheads than this. anti-nazi skinhead politics cover much more than anarachism or communism, most are actually socialist or apolitical.


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