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As strange as it may seem I've made a few black friends just for the sake I smoke newports. But other friends as well. Smoking is bad, but feels good don't it. Also to discuss smokers creed. The bum cigarettes from fellow smokers and not ask for anything in return because we've all been there when we needed a smoke and maybe no way of getting it or cash.


My smoke of choice.


Newport, Marlboro Skylines, Camel Crush. Phillie Blunts and cigarillos.

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I like "Cowboy Killers" a.k.a Marlboro Reds. I also like Marlboro No.27's. Those are the best cigarette when you're drinking!!!
I started off smoking reds but there's just something about menthol that I can't help but love. Wake up in the morning and brush my teeth and have a smoke that made my morning even more refreshing. I always thoughts reds went well with coffee or whiskey.
Haha agreed, I love "cowboy crack" as my friend calls em. Menthol makes me feel sick
Marlboro Reds, but recently ive come to love the new Marlboro Black special blends, you gotta try them. my new fav cigarette.

and i used to like newports but when i bought a carton and smoked it in 8 days it killed my like of newports
i love the black special blends mate, theyre like the perfect non menthol
haha yeah, buying a carton of them is still expensive as shit
the ol' mary jane.
I second that

Camel Turkish Gold, Marlboro Special Blend, Camel Crush


When I tried the new camel menthols it blew my mind.

I find the new djarum cigarillos nasty, since the cigarettes became illegal to sell in the US I've managed to buy em online with prepaid 7-11 cards. At $50 a carton (formerly $75) its not a bad deal.


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