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So what is is the worst and the most hilarious comment/remark you've gotten about your hawk??

Seems lately every time I come on the forum it's the same few discussions so I thought I'd add something new.
What was the worst comment/remark/action from an asshole you've ever gotten and the most hilarious. For me the worst was some idiot that just yelled "!". It just pissed me off because he couldn't come up with anything better and he said um for fuck sake.
The most hilarious was a few teenagerish kids talking and they were pointing and looking directly at me. I over heard one say "Look at that" (another one) "yea so?" (first one) "What a dyke(and Im a guy). Check out the landing strip."
I just cracked up laughing out loud. I walked up and said" You made my day(still rolling)" and walked off. He looked like he shit his self. I guess he wasn't expecting that out of me. Haha
What are yours?

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Sounds like they just want to keep you the way they are used to you being to suit themselves.
I've gotten called rooster, peacock shit like that and one of the worst was from some rich chick hanging with her friends it wasn't even up at the time and i just got called a freak so i just told her to fuck off and i've been asked to take a shitload of pics and "is it real" is a really common one anyone else get that "how do you put it up" i know this was more than just 1 but i had to share my stories
haha, i got people always askin' how i put it up :P or "you mean it doesn't just stand up on it's own?" ....o.O
On Saturday morning I was walking into the grocery store and this older lady (like 80) is walking out and stops, stares at me and says "What did you do to your hair??"....I couldn't tell if she was kidding or being serious so I said "What do you mean?" and she said "did you stick your finger in a socket?". I think she may have been senile.
"did you stick your finger in a socket?".

Ahh I have got that one a few times, so witty. *rolls eyes*
"you look like you put yar head between somebody's butt cheeks and pulled!!"
"what're you lookin' at? you're a roostar."
"hey! you! with the gravity defying hair! buy this!"
"she has the demon's hair!!"
:D haha these were all at ren faire so we didn't mind so much, i know they were jokin' around.

but truly the comments that piss me off the most come from my best friend. my MOTHER doesn't care, but my best friend has to tell everybody we meet that she disapproves of my hair.
and then there was the text from another friend "quick, shave it off before your mother has a heart attack!" ...fuck you, jackass, you have no right to tell me what to do for reasons relating to somebody whose opinion you don't even know.
I love when little kids say stuff like "mommy, look her hair is pink!" or when people stop looking where they are going to look and run into things. The good thing is here it's not really that odd to a hawk, it gets lets common in the winter but being a college town there are lots of diffrent looking people.
best moments (worth mentioning):

one day walking home from school, some little fat 12 year boy called me goth. wtf?!?!
some little kids: "what the heck is she?!?!"
some old guy: "you look like an indian"
some other old guy: me and my friend were out skating and this dude comes by making that indian noise thing- (whatever it's called)
"oh that's your real hair? i thought it was a hat"
"move cockatoo!"
with liberty spikes: "do you use wire to make those stand up?"
"are you doing an art project?"
"that's a punker mullet" 'punker' isn't a word!!!!


"are you a lesbian?"
"uhh..punks dead." well, actually that was kinda funny...
"is that a guy?"-"no it's a girl"
some creepy fat guy in the 99 cents store "that's hot" *yikes!*
idk, pretty much any moment walking down the street when i'm all by my lonesome.

but hey-they're the fool...driving by in their fancy cars wasting their breath on a complete stranger to tell them they look stupid. aww, guess we're special. :)
some little fat 12 year boy

I'm a 13 year old fat kid.
"Got beef, son?"
That's harsh it really seems that girls with hawks get it worse then guys, apart from the very old and now officially sad person saying chicken or rooster I've only had 2 other bad comments, one was a women in her 30's, her husband loved the hair and was asking lots of questions then she butted in saying " you only do that to get peoples attension, what are you on benifits or something " I had a nice argument with her about my car being worth more then her whole familys incomes put together, she soon shut up once she saw the car lol, THE WORSE one Ever that I get is " but your Indian " apparently if you have brown skin you can't have a hawk lol that one gets to me and the last one that I just remembered is " I think he's a terrorist " apparently all Asian looking people with hawks are terrorist now lol, what has the world come too???!!!!
I had a kid ask me in a supermarket "how do you take your clothes off" made me laugh pretty hard, he accepted that my hair was all spikey and shit but wanted to know how I got dressed.
Thats cute!!


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