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i went to a gwar show on saturday witch was fucking awesome :D

but be4 the show even start my friend decided to pick me up by my neck witch im use to but he ended up doing it too long and i start getting lighted head and pointed down when he put me down i was out cold and fell straight to the ground and banded my head off the concrete ground i was only out a few seconds but when i opened my eyes and saw every1 looking at me i didnt know where i was or what happened and they were looking at me with their jaws dropped in a wtf is she alive kinda look they helped me up and were holding me up as i was laughing and asking where the fuck am i, what the fuck just happened how fuck did i black out, they told me and they said i hit the ground mad hard they said they could head my head hit the ground over the bass, but i didnt even feel a thing and i dont even have a lump of anything but my ears r still ringing and its been 2days to the show and my mom think i should go to the hospital and i dont want to go, do u guys think i should go?

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go you probly have a cuncussion
the ringin is from the noise when i go to cooncerts my ears ring for about a week but u sould still go to the hosptail cause ur brain might of got brused and thats not good
usually my ears only ring till the next morning or a day tho
Watch some videos of some older boxers who have suffered some concussions. Then I think you will want to go to the doctor.

I'm not a huge fan of doctors myself, and they probably won't find anything, just tell you to rest and be careful the next couple of months (you are susceptible to a re-concussion now). However, when messing with the brain, you should err on the cautious side.

A friend of mine didn't wake up on christmas morning about 10 years ago. Really scary stuff and freaked the whole family out, especially when she finally did wake up and kept yelling to her family to kick the stranger out of the room. The stranger was her oldest son, but she had no clue who he was.

The whole cause for the problem was epilepsy, and had been going on for awhile in her sleep, leaving scars on her spine and the reason she found it hard to get out of bed and had so much back pain.

Anyhow, just this year they think the root of the problem was a concussion she suffered years before that morning when a kid hit her with a fire extinguisher in the head.

I don't know that they would have known enough to do anything back then or even realize that the concussion had triggered her epilepsy. However, doctors are getting better today and learning more, especially with the war, since concussions from bombs are one of the number one problems doctors treat over there.

I've had 5-6 concussions I'd guess. I didn't always go to the doctor, but realize now that I should have, and definitely will go from now on if I have such a misfortune.
You need to go. It's not even that you should, you need to. You could have cracked your skull or have a hematoma, which is bleeding in the brain and then it clotting, making a hemorrhoid-type injury. It may not become big enough to really be noticed for even weeks. There could even be a brain contusion, which is a bruise to your brain and can cause swelling which will cause irreversible brain damage. The injury could very well cause Tinnitus, which is permanent. This is a constant ringing of the ears. There is no treatment and no cure, you'll have it your whole life.

You'll probably get a CAT scan and possibly an MRI. This will check for any cracks or legions and swelling/bleeding in the brain. Your brain does not have any nerve endings, so if there is serious brain damage it's often difficult to know because you do not feel actual pain. Only sometimes a constant pressure and ringing in your ears. If you begin to bleed out of your ears then you have a problem and need to go to the ER right away.
i prob will go but idk when ill prob give it a few more days to see if i feel like my old self again but as of now i feel odd
If you don't go by Friday I'll hunt you down and bring you myself haha.

And no, I want to be a doctor, I know what I'm talking about, come on Pepper =P
Lauren have you had any discharge from your ears or nose , if you have then this is CF fluid and is a sign you have sustained a closed head injury and you do need to go to the doc , if this is not the case then it does sound like you have sustained a concussion and should still go to the doc , if for no other reason than to let your friends here sleep easy tonight knowing you are ok :)
well i went last night bc my mother and sis pushed me out the door and mad me go and they said i would be fine, but the fuckers didnt let me get the pics of my brain :(
ah so you wanted the pictures so you could prove to your family that you have brains lol , just joking lauren , good to see your allright :)


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