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I've gotten into this discussion far too many times than is probably healthy (I should train myself to just walk away when I see the words "punk" and "dead" in the same sentence together, as it is never a good sign), but I am genuinely interested in the opinions of people here.
It has become accepted by kids my age that the only way to be punk is to never, ever say call yourself punk, and to vehemently deny that you are if someone else does. Saying that you're punk is automatic evidence that you're a poseur.
I, personally, think this philosophy is bull. If you love punk music, go to punk shows, enjoy the punk "lifestyle", what's wrong with calling yourself a punk? Why avoid saying that you're punk, if that's what you're into? Because you're afraid other people will call you the (other) p-word?
People also run around saying that punk is dead, without any real reason. Sure, people have capitalized on the whole rebellious appeal of it, and there are always your Avril Lavignes and your Ashlee Simpsons, but there's still a thriving scene and, in my opinion, the punk spirit is something that will never completely disappear.

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I keep thinking I replied to this.

This is my take.
People ask me and I tell them "No"
I'm not just a punk. There is a lot more to me. I'm a retail slave. I'm a student. I'm a coach. I'm a whole bunch of other things that cannot be described by that one word, or any singular word or phrase in general. Yes, it is a part of me. Yes, thats where I fall socially. But no. That is not the only thing that I am.

There is nothing wrong with saying you're a punk. Some people live by the stereotypical definintion. Others don't. There is such a broad range of "punk" that a person on the outside would have difficulty understanding and sometimes it's not worth trying to change their perception or to show them just the tip of the ice burg.

To be fair, I have noticed this abundance of denial is not just with punks... it happens in a bunch of other social cliques, too.
haha, i believe it is owkaii to call yourself a punk when you have the grounds to do so. if you primarily listen to punk music and are not going to swich labels when said trend is old. like how emos suddenly all turned scene when people started giving them shyt for being uber depressed.oh yes and punk is also about origionality.wearing plaid just because plaid is known as pun isnt kewl.
i do not call myself punk because i dont fully understand what punk is. i listen to some of the music but not much and i dress how i feel. all i know is that in my opinion my hair shudnt make me any one thing.
im me , no fuckin stereotypes just because i ,ive differently
Isn't a punk just someone who listens to 'punk'rock?
And the fact that 'someone' is listening to punkrock mostly tells enough about his idea about the world.

to say punk is dead i feel it depends ware you here in cincinnati it is shit no one ever comes to local shows but they all come to shows like the queers or gang green.

as for the whole calling your self punk...i really dont care...i mean im not going up to every one and saying "im a fuckin punk get out of my fuckin way" but ill call my self one when the time is right.
i mean now every ones a poser in everyones eyes
so who really gives a fuck?


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