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So as some of you may or may not no, work made me cut my hawk off :-( so now i'm trying to spike it all the way over my head and i finally got some good length, but no good technique. any suggestions?

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dye eash side of your head bright colours, dampen your hair, spike.
If I dye my hair colors I'd lose my job. Not in this economy, but maybe on the flipside :-P
Don't dampen your hair.... Well you can if you want I spike my hair everyday and I use the knock off Got 2 b glued gel and I put it in my hair only when it is dry. Dampen will make your hair heavier and harder to keep up
i meant waash beforehand :O
do you just rub it in or do you have any styling techniques?
use little rubber bands to separate all the spikes then put them up one by one...may take quite some time but it will prob. be easier.
Get some Murray's Pomade, and just GO FOR IT. Each spike will take only seconds. No waiting for shit to dry, none of that. I gave my sister awesome Liberties in just a couple minutes.
Dont twist if at all possible. Pinch a section of hair, get the goop on your fingers and work it outwards from the scalp. With practice its about the easiest way to POINTY spikes
What kind of style are you looking to achieve? All over liberty spikes or more of a fluffly all over everything on end look? When I used to do liberty spikes I used epoxy (made for hair) and I'd just grab a little piece, twist it upward and blow dry.. They were rock hard and sharp enough to pop balloons on my spikes :p always fun at partys..
For an all over fluffy spike fro type thing ( yeah I really don't know what to call it haha) get a putty type product, I think I used one by got 2 be that smelled AMAZING. Rub it all through your hair and pull it upwards. As long as it's shortish it should stay up. Coat it with a little hairspray and it should be good.


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