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Post home made, Awesome, or your favourite graffiti or otherwise stencils as well as sites for stencils and stenciling

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beat me to it :P
How do you guys get your stencil to stay in place on the fabric? I heard someone say wax paper and an iron, but I tried it and it didn't work.
i pin it
and make sure its flat!
On fabric, use freezer paper, not wax paper, only iron for like, 30 seconds.
ahhhhhh, there we go!
Glad to help! Show me what it looks like when it turns out, one I did is in the Jackets and homemade stuff thread.

made this one from a black and white image using paint...
I have a sick Social Distortion Skele Logo stencil my friend made for me like last year. I pretty much spray it on everything lol. bags, shirts, paper. It comes out sick. ill take a pick sometime later
there are a couple of books of stencil art floating around. Though I cannot make any really in depth stencils of images yet, I do have a bunch I use that I made.

pretty new to all this so I learn as I go ya know? The letters I just got actual stencils so its not like I created them. I wanted to use a standard stencil though that is very uniform and can be mass produced and is not personal (ie does not have any sense that I personally made it nor could it be proved that I did though that may be extreme it is absolutely better to practice security culture and never face anything)

I would absolutely love to learn to do images though as well one day. I think it is a much finer "art" than cutting out letters.


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