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Post home made, Awesome, or your favourite graffiti or otherwise stencils as well as sites for stencils and stenciling

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Hey sonic cool stencils, I noticed however, that some of your letters do not need bridges, like your U L F E S H M, Y C and X, if you like the lookand thats how you wanted it thats cool, but you can save yourself some time cause letters without bridges are usally easier to cut out
honestly I never thought about it too much. I think I noticed it at some point but never changed anything. I do not really mind the cutting of them, it helps steady the hand a bit. I also do like the military/CRASS like look to the stencils =p
yeah i like that as well

the exploited one i made for my friend
2 distillers / brody dalles( one big, one small)
BANKSY RAT with umbrella, hat and tie
skanky ska man crushing swastica
and im working on the gogol bordello one
i have now :(
... I love you. Now I know what else to get my bf for christmas. =]

i thought this was pretty clever ha,i made it in 10 minutes.
ive also made a brody stencil.a leopard print stencil,an above the influence logo,a sparrow,a p!nk stencil and....i think thats all for now,i just cant think of anything else to do so.
haha awesome
I was feeling like being productive this weekend, so I got a few stencils from that one website, and then made two of my own and made a jacket. Its barely getting started but I like it.



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