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What are your thoughts about it? the people, the music, the topic whatevs
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LOL I'm like that too.
Proud to not be straight edge, Cheers!
I was starting to think there really was no straight edge people anymore. Maybe that's just where I live. I'm proud to say I'm straight edge and always will be. Ive seen to much shit happen because of alcohol and drugs. I've never tried either, or smoking. It completely baffles me how some peoples idea of a 'awesome weekend' consists of them getting so smashed they don't even remember what the hell even happened.
i will agree with that... not everyone who drinks is like that though, we have loads of fun when we do it. Lots of fun stories with that, all of which i remember.
True, Just everyone who drinks at my school tends to be like that. Just today I over hear a conversation about last weekend talking about how drunk hey got and how they cant remember what the chick that they banged name was.

Cause you know, that's what I strive for. To get so drunk that I become somones one night stand/ possible rape victim. No thanks.

Pardon me I'm just very negative about this subject lol. I only know one person who drinks causally and its my grandma. She drinks 2 glasses of whine on Christmas.
i can drink a 40oz a night (not every nigh mind you lol) and not even be buzzed... i know that sounds stereotypical but i just chalk it up to high tolerance. i totally understand your feelings towards drunkenness. Its not safe for girls to be drunk these days, i'm not even female and i will only drink around those i feel comfortable with.

I used to be straightedge but i found the other edgers did not feel the same way as i do. Its a personal choice but those fucks turned it into an elite clique and lorded it over others.

I get drink but not habitually, and i get drunk but on rare occasions and only with my friends, smoking isn't something I started doing until this last year.

Admittedly, it is a rather nasty habit but I kind of use it to self medicate my depression. I know everyone says it but i don't feel addicted, i just do it because i'm bored, its helps to fill in the time and nicotine actually does improve focus which is beneficial when you have clinical depression. I think that when i can get my problems managed i can quit smoking, its not something i feel like i need in my life for always.
I don't mind people that are staight edge, but I hate when they get all preachy about it. Like this one straight edge guy I met acted like it would be more acceptable for me to shoot some one than for me to smoke pot.
Cause that makes sense.

I have no problem with people doing what ever it is they want, drugs, drinking, smoking, whatever, as long as they aren't sitting there trying to force it on me. I have a few friends who are self proclaimed "stoners" and they know I wont do it, nor do I want it in my house.
I drink, smoke, do drugs, and have sex.
I have a lot of fun.
I think it would be silly to deny myself things I enjoy, but hey, that's just me and my hedonism.
i was straight edge. when i was 12 years old... lol. i figure, do whatever you want, in moderation, when neccesary. don't get totally fucked off your ass. but why deny yourself something that (undeniably) feels good? one edge kid i knows puts out my cigarettes (when i still smoked, three weeks ago. YAY QUITTING....). he unfortunately gives a bad name to the others. he's a douche...
Tell him as much :)
i hate you


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