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sorry. i know i probably sound really idiotic. But how do you put those studs on jackets and ...where do ya find the studs? 'cause the closest thing i have found to look for stuff like that in ak is Hot Topic....and they are no help.

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i blame darts
Haha. I know. I couldn't stop giggling the whole frigin' time. .....Damn segadoway and his darts. Hahahaha.
its because of darts id say
Carpet tacks work really awesome
darts work better
oh yeah!
yea, studsandspikes is good junk, and is good too. both are good 'n cheap. bought my leather jacket at a pawn shop. seen em at plenny thrift shops too. good luck!
I just used an old studded belt, only cost me £4 in the 1st place, then when it eventualy broke, loads of spare studs!
yeah thats what i do sometimes just buy something with studs on it and get them off
I found that the studs from were a little to hard to to fold (but I do like to use my hands (fuck your darts segadoway :P)), also they had little inperfections (sp that :P) that i didn't like to much. The ones from are only a few cents more, fold better, and look smoother. Also, put patches and different kinds of studs/spikes on it, after all, varitety is the spice of life!
I've had good luck finding studs in bulk at leather stores in a variety of sizes and styles.


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