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I know, I has been discussed here before...

but after spending several hours Saturday bleaching my hawk so I had some hope of the crazy color being visible, I am soooo annoyed that one of the Manic Panic dyes barely took and the other isn't exactly winning any prizes for it's staying power. 

   I usually buy local and here you either get Manic Panic and a choice of colors, or you can buy one other brand (the name escapes me now) in either Pink, Pinkish Red, or Black....not colors I want (at this time).    


   so let's hear your Manic Panic rants (and any good alternatives you've found/bad experiences ordering dye on line, etc).


  I am so freaking pissed that I paid NINE FREAKING DOLLARS A POT for hair dye that really doesn't dye anything except stuff you dont' want it on.  how in holy hell can this stuff stain my hands, my sink, my floor, my towels and yet NOT STICK TO MY FREAKING HAIR.  if i didn't think it was animal cruelty, i'd put a dot on one of the cats just to see if it had any staying power on them!!!!!   When I was a kid it was either MP or kool aid.  SURELY IN THE 15+ YEARS I'VE BEEN DOING THIS STUFF TO MY HAIR SOMETHING BETTER HAS COME ALONG!!! 

  I just want a good BRIGHT purple (I think I used MP ultra violet, purple haze is darker than what i want) I'd wanted a green, but couldn't find any local so I went with a turquoise-y color..not quite green, but not totally blue. The purple has done as well as can be expected...but the Turquoise was almost totally gone by Monday. WTF WTF WTF WTF.     Seriously, I'd been better off with kool least when it failed, I'd be out 88 cents, not nine dollars!!!!!!!!



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manic panic works good for me, but fades fast. The darker the color, the longer it stays. Unfortunately for me, hot pink didn't stay long at all D;

next dye I'm gonna try is punky colour.
My friend has the most amazing pink and purple hair, she swears by special effects, its good shit
what kind of pink? Now I'm curious about special effects, too.
for semi/demi permanent color I'd go with special effects over anything, i just can't find it around here unless if i tried to buy it online.
I ordered some punky colour and special effects. Once they come in I shall compare.
I hate manic panic. With a passion. No matter how much processing (setting, heat, etc) I'd give it, I'd only end up with a tinge of color. However, my old manager swears by it, mixes her colors to create her own, and SLEEPS with it in after it sits for several hours, to get it in. I would never.

I will vouch for special effects (and even RAW) any day of the week. Where manic panic failed, they have succeeded. I've never been disappointed - especially with my oranges and greens. <3
Even my punky colour - I had a nice, bright red - lasted me for at LEAST 3.5 months. So that would be worth a shot, too!!!
i absolutely LOVE special effects! it's worked much better for me than manic panic and it's usually about $11. of course, colors won't fade as much if you never wash your hair and use toooons of conditioner but then you can't put your hair up as well so fuck that shiiit.
I used to have mine up almost every day. I didn't really strip the color out of my hair that often. A huge part in that is how you process your hair while you're coloring it. And slight touch ups now and again are a good thing to do to maintain vibrance.

Also helps if you occasionally use alternatives to alcohol based hair products and heat. Like knox. Or let it stay down for a few days. =)
Manic Panic is pretty much bi-polar hair dye with the way it changes colors...definitely not worth it unless you're into the 'I wonder what color my hair's going to be today?' guessing game
If i was naturally blonde, I really wouldn't mind that. But I'm not which means if I want any color besides black, I have to bleach my hair first, which isn't blonde unless if I do it twice. Totally sux.
The best I found for my red is special effects nuclear red still not great tho 2-3 weeks n Im feeling the need to freshen it up if I sleep laying sideways n dont f**k up my hawk in bed usually wash once or twice a week or whenever hawk needs redoing . I have pretty wavey curly hair so tend to use loads of product when hawk up thinks this drags a lot of colour out when washed as well. Two things I do use to help retain colour after dying a put an intense conditioner on it and leave it on for a half a day and I also use a shampoo & condition for red hair.
the only problem i have had with manic panic is fast fading. i did a blue color once, and it turned a really ugly almost sea foam green in 2 days, also the reds turn pink. i do love manic panics ultra violet though, it didn't fade bad, and gave me a really deep purple. dry shampoo helps with fading though because it gets all the oil out with getting your hair wet so the color last a lot longer


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