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So i was curious about getting my own tattoo, and i was on youtube and found this video on how to make your own gun.
Can anybody tell me if this method would be realistic?

and also if not, just share your tattoo knowledge with me please?
AND how do you sterilize needles best. With a lighter, boiling, or rubbing alcohol or somehting else?

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it may work dunno how well but you never know till ya try right make sure youre using tattoo ink others will bleed out and look bad, remember tho light colors are harder to keep in any way so you might wanna go over it a couple times if thats the route you choose as for sterilization normally an autoclace would be used but if you put it in boiling water and leave it for a bit it should do the trick, or throw it in the oven at a high temperature,
thank you!!! seriously..listen to this chick.. shes brilliant. on top of what she said, if you want to learn to become a tattoo artist (or piercer for that matter and for other people reading this) then learn to do it right! shadow a tattoo artists, become an apprentice, get a license, etc. do what it takes and do it RIGHT! then when you actually KNOW what your doing you can buy your own REAL gun and tatoo yourself all you damn well want! hell you can even make a career out of it!
The best way to sterilize a needle would be using an autoclave.

But I think I would be right in assuming you don't have easy access to one, considering what you just asked.
Lighters, boiling, and rubbing alcohol are just what kids think will work. You're still handling it, so it's unclean.
lighters definately dont work to sterilize.
boiling water and alcohol might get rid of some stuff
but something very important that nothing but proper sterilization will get rid of is Hep C
seriously, if you can't autoclave your tools, don't do it.
it is just not worth it.
at all.
it opens you up to the whole world of infectious diseases.
not only you, but anyone else you tattoo.
and anyone who even touches your tools.

so pleeeeease. don't do it unless you can get things autoclaved after EVERY single use.

lol but the "gun" idea is kinda cute.
totally unsterile, but really ingenuitive
that thing will work but the guys didnt use the right guitar string he used the small e string u want to use the big e string bc it wont bend as easy, and the thing with tattoo machines like that is u dont get a fine line tattoo, the eraser wont how the needle in the whole time and it would ended up looking like a blob and like a 5 year old did it, a girl i went to school with bf did a heart on her hip and it looks like shit and the needle kept falling off and now she has a green thing on her hip, if u want a tattoo really badly get some thing small that way if u ended up hating it later on in life u can get it covered and dont get in in a place that u see often like ur hands or some shit like that bc u dont know where u r going to be working when u get older and be stuck wearing long shirts all summer long, also depending on how old u r u shouldnt get a tattoo yet bc if u r still growing and u get a tattoo it could shift and ended up a few inches 1 way 2 much and look odd
Small sewing needle, electric toothbrush, solder, lighter
1 you cut the top of the electric toothbrush
2 solder the needle to the metal bar that moves the electric toothbrush head and you got a prison tattoo gun

Blank paper, grinder, and shampoo
1burn paper
2grind paper ash into fine powder
3mix ash and shampoo
it will turn into black gel

sterilization rubbing alcohol
ive done a tat with just a regular sewing needle, thread and ink from any art shop
wrap the thread around the end of the needle.. quite close to the end
of course the needle was sterilized (salty water and a lighter i think)
dunk it in the ink, so the thread soaks it up and stab the skin
leaving ink in the skin =]

but this way seems faster and fun to make
lenabean does have a good point when i was young i wanted circa logo tattooed on my shoulder but now im glad i didnt do it but on the other hand i have liberty tattooed on my side among others and it is so important to me that i know ill never regret it. so if you have an idea way the value and the reality of its importance to you before you do it or you will regret it. but personally, id do it baccy's way itll take longer but more accurate. if your still growing id definately say wait
If I could rate your post, I'd give you 5 stars!!

I know someone who was in a rush to get a cool tattoo (at 18, no less) who is now 21, has 4 (since the first at 18) and is getting laser removal for all but 1.
Yes I've also heard of this...I have a friend who made a tattoo gun out of 99cent materials... He claims a tattoo man taught him how to make one..... It looks soo home made but it works just fine... It would be a cool experiment but I wouldnt try myself...Id rather get a professional tattoo gun and try it out on a dead pigz skin...Super market pig..
This is much easier to read. /clapping


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