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I'm thinking about moving to Australia. Can you guys tell me if its a good idea. Oh and how is the music scene out there?

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"the dole" its welfare.. the government pays u enough money 2 get by til u find a job. we're a welfare state lol
ah. We jus call it, Welfare, food stamps, Disability, or Employment. They're all technically different things, but they all do the same thing.
And no shame, The United States, is a welfare state too, people are all for milking the government here.
yeah except here they'll take u 2 a hospital n treat u even if u dont hav insurance.. they'll just make u pay later haha

ive never understood what food stamps do/are? we dont hav em here that i know of :S
oh and 2 make what i just said actually make sense.. we have whats called "medicare" which is almost like health insurance but its provided 2 everyone n lets u claim money back off the government just like u would an insurance company :)

i dont have either lol or, for that matter, any insurance of any kind ^_^
damn. That could really fuck you over if you don't have, or won't get the money in the future.

food stamps, well, basically, they're "stamps", kinda like coupons, i suppose you could say, but you apply for them, and if you don't make enough money, and based on the income you, and others living in your household receive, the government will issue you so much money that you can buy food with.

We also have medicare here, but you can't claim money off of it, it simply helps lower how much you'd have to pay for a doctor's visit, surgery, or the ER.

I only have insurance because of me madre.
i forget what that store is called but i know the 1 u mean :) they hav records n tapes n hoodies n junk.. its awesome!

i go2 299 in the Valley.. its a metal club.. if u can call it that.. it has its moments :)

theres also Faith but the club it was in now hosts the things that use2b at 299. its all quite confusing. and theres Rosies but its more screamo n has way 2 many Hardcore Kids.. they stand around n try n look cool n never dance unless ther fight dancing. its lame -_- POSERS! haha
First of all, metalcore isn't hardcore.
Second of all, don't rip on hardcore kids, they will probably just punch you in the face.
Third, Fight dancing, hardcoredancing, moshing, fighting invisible ninjas whatever you want to call it, is fucking awesome and fun.
Stop calling people posers
metalcore/hardcore i dont know.. im not big on genres n i dont listen 2 either very regularly.

pretty sure were talkin bout different people here.. if uv been2 rosies then ud know what i mean. these guys arent really hardcore! they just stand around with there long fringes/long hair covering ther faces n ther caps on. which is pretty boring. n then they go n swing ther arms around while tryin really hard 2 not hit anyone or anything. basically there emos pretending 2 be hardcore.

iv got nothin against people fight dancing. i love it. it is awesome haha.
Emos? you can mosh to fugazi now?
Fight dancing is ridiculous amounts of fun, in the right places.
The lawn mower XD
Honestly I can't say metalcore is that big here.... more that "hardcore" stuff like "I killed the prom queen" and "parkway drive". Seems common..Not that I really notice that stuff.

So hardcore, not metalcore.


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