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I'm thinking about moving to Australia. Can you guys tell me if its a good idea. Oh and how is the music scene out there?

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Most people are fat, but if they aren't fat, they are generally ripped, mate is a common word.
Bleached blond and short spikey hair is the fashion right now.
Refer to first sentence.
Kangaroos are rarely seen in most populated areas.
Barely anything is barbequed.
LOT'S of people surf.
Mcdonalds is the Mcdonalds of Australia.
Shows range from 3 bucks to 20.
It wasn't magical enough.
oh australia, you have the best stereotypes.
Probably not.
First rule, because Australia is full of lads and they will always outnumber or outarm you.
Never diss the southern cross or Australia unless with friends, because you never know who is SCS.
Beaches are really good, music scene is good, but full of metalcore (not necessarily a bad thing)
How about you ask some questions and we answer them?
alot of people in COASTAL areas surf.. although most of the people in Australia are in Coastal areas.. the middle is all towns and desert :P

alot of the music is screamo.. i assume thats what is called "metal core"? emo music n hardcore yell in ur face metal.

alot of food is barbequed.. when ur actually having a BARBEQUE! *rolls eyes*

McDonalds is the McDonalds of EVERYWHERE! we dont have Dannies or anything.. also "Burger King" is called "Hungry Jacks" because we already had a bussiness called Burger King n they had2 use a different name lol

most drunk males want a fight.. they dont really care who with so dont take it personally if u dont want 1.. just keep walkin :P

shows r many and varied.. ul love it :)

etc... etc...
Just about every animal there is capable of killing you.
Especially drop bears.
hehe good ol drop-bears ^_^

they fall from the trees n grab ur head.. by.. ur head O_o
Oh shit man, keep away from those fuckers
I'm in Melbourne, its a big city......has alot of good parts that are great to explore. Probably the only city in Australia that actually embraces street art and graffiti. The live music scene is VERY strong here, with plenty of small, independent venues. Anything you want really...It just gives a great feeling for the diversity and actually embracing things artistic. I never really get the same impression when going to Brisbane or Sydney (though its not bad). Its just different somehow. A good lot of punk bands here in Melbs.... Marching Orders, Slick 46, No Idea, Bastard Squad, Pisschrist, Wot Rot are amongst the better known. I'm leaving out alot here. Honestly I can't say metalcore is that big here.... more that "hardcore" stuff like "I killed the prom queen" and "parkway drive". Seems common..Not that I really notice that stuff.

When I was in the US, I liken Melbourne to a mini L.A

You'll need permanent residency i think to claim for the dole and free healthcare.
hahaha love that u add what ul need 2 go on the dole ^_^

im in Bris.. never been2 Melbs but will surely take my hawk on a trip 1 day n check it out :)


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