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I'm thinking about moving to Australia. Can you guys tell me if its a good idea. Oh and how is the music scene out there?

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Define hardcore.
When I think Hardcore I think Black Flag, or Minor Threat. Which I like. But it seems that hardcore to most people is metal bands, screamo. Post Hardcore. They are called post hardcore because before harcore (punk) theyre wasnt rweally a lot of shouting or screaming. And that all these bands do now, Like IKTPQ.
or not
well all i can tell you about australia from my experience, you know, living in Darwin my whole life, is avoid Darwin. It's right a the top of the country and unless you like lots of drunks, metal and what you would consider freakish heat stay with the southern states.

but other than that it's a really nice place haha
nah, man. when you're born in the north you tend to get used to the humidity pretty quickly. What you do notice is the lack of humidity in other parts of Aus and the world
Anyways, whats the gay rights situation in Australia. Thats really important to me.
Gay's are pretty much an accepted part of the community these days in Australia , we host one of the worlds foremost gay mardigras in Sydney and it seems like every major city has a large openly gay community , gay bashings are pretty much a thing of the past and has been replaced by ethnic minority bashings instead , on a lighter side it's a kick arse country , anything is possible here if you get off your arse and have a go :) most major cities have as low as 3% unemployment but the cost of rental properties is pretty high so what you gain in a good paying job in the city you lose on high rent , the other alternative is to live outside the city and comute :( makes for a very long day .


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