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I do not think I posted this before so I will now.

This is a documentary based on the new book by Naomi Wolff. It details the steps that are taken by governments when they become fascist and demonstrates with current examples, how these are manifesting in our own country right now.

This is a free streaming video but there are unfortunately a few commercial breaks in it which sucks. I still highly suggest that you take the time to watch it though.

Many people like to think that we cannot become a fascist nation and cite petty characteristics as our freedom and our elections. If you believe you are really free, start going heavily against the current to find out how free you are. Ask yourself that if you wanted to right now, could you decide you want to travel across the country or world and not have to worry about anything because of your freedom?

The elections serve no better example of our "freedom" when you take into consideration how it is structured to only allow two candidates forcing the dynamic of the lesser of two evils (which is still evil) and also the electoral college.

When fascism grips a country in this age, it will not be identical to Nazi Germany. It will be much more "friendly" and present the illusion of democracy and elections could still take place under it to maintain the facade.

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i gotta check it out when im not at work
Damnit, I'm about to go into work! but yeah i'll have to check it out later tonight! Can't believe I've never heard of it, love this kind of shit myself!
well the book only came out not too long ago. Maybe a few months I think? In early Oct when Naomi was on a talk show in Seattle I think, she was talking about this movie, and the book and raising awareness based on the Oct 1st deployment of a combat brigade on US soil to help aid in any situations that would need it.

And like most things of this nature...unless you dig for it and look hard or are directly involved, you will not hear about it most times.


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