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I've been thinking, who are the most popular members of this site? To find out, we shall vote the top 5 most popular members. I think Giant Mohawk Man is at #1 and Bendy is at #2. So cast your vote.


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Yeah, there used to be more interesting debates in the forums and less shallowness.  Now I mostly just visit still to see what's new.

we could try to get it back to the way it was... i know more than 5 people have wit. it doesn't seem like a COMPLETE farce to me.
Yeah, lets start a MR revolution haha
fullmetalfetus and brody scumdog
im approving messages all up in this joint!

fuck knows theres so many ways to measure it and aww thank u im flattered darling :P i will think about this n come back to it xxx

A popularity contest amongst the members? really? ugh

I'm number 1!


Lol jk., but maybe Toker is #3 since he keeps writing messages to absolutely every-fucking-one.

Toker must be the most popular! ;D fuuuuucckkkk yeeeaaah

Lol ffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuccccckkkk yyyyyeeeaaahhhhHAHAHhahahahhhh!!!

Alright Ian! :)))))))))))))))))))))


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