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how short do you keep the sides of your hawk?
how often do you shave/cut them?
what do you use to do this?
do you do it yourself or have someone else do it?
do you cut or dye designs into the sides? how often?

just wanted to see what kind of answers i'd get. :)

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Aw yay! I'm off for the night and I will leave you with this:

I trim mine down to 1/8" (I think ~2mm) and anytime I can feel it touching my ears or I get bed head, it's time to trim! (so maybe a week or two).
I used to have someone help me until I got the whole mirror thing down to an art. I used to do designs (my favorite was the large leopard print I have on my profile pics) and now 'n' then had help, but could easily do it on my own.

How about you!?
i usually shave mine to 1/8" too but was thinking about just shaving em bald one of these days. how often depends on when i can borrow my friends shaver..(i should really just invest in my own hah). I usually just do it myself...i'm really paranoid about anyone doing anything to my hair..cutting/dying/whatever.
i shaved a checker print into the sides once and it turned out pretty well. I haven't dyed anything in the sides but i want to. I've dyed different designs like zebra and stuff in my friends mohawk so i'm just building my skills until i feel comfortable doing it to myself. haha
i just cut mine to whatever my shaver thingy is set at and i do it myself havnt cut um in like 3 weeks now though and am needing to do it
Once a weekish, use a straight razor. :P
I've actually been waiting for a discussion like this --

I shave my sides bald, about every 1-7 days, depending on how lazy I am, how well I'm feeling (I'm sick right now) or if I plan on going out. So my sides aren't always bald. My sickness also makes my hair grow a little faster, that's why I shave everyday at some times. I can't stand it, when my hair is longer than 1/4", it just feels weird, so that's usually when I shave, after being lazy or whatever.
I use an electric hair trimmer to trim my hair first, to make it easier to shave with the razor later. All I use really is the electric trimmer, razor and water, no shaving foam, and 2 mirrors. And that's it. Never had anyone help me with it.
i take my sides all the way down with clippers (no gaurd). me and my boyfriend shave eachothers heads, its just easier that way and we do it whenever the length starts bothering one of us haha.
I LOVE em bald! But I got one side that's an inch long, getting ready to do something with that. The other side I like to keep bald.


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