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1: pedophilia
2: sexism
3: racism
4: intolerance
5: religion

these are my 5 pet hates , I try every day to lessen the effects of at least one of these , I may never see an end to any one of them in my lifetime but at least I'm trying , sleep comes esier .

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I am getting really sick of the racist fucks in newcastle, lot of hate crimes and bashings.
And i am sick of me and my friends constantly getting jumped by big groups of militia kids and lads.
Same here man, more and more racist kids keep popping up around Melbourne. Also just general gang ups and bashings are happening more frequently too.
i can totally dig the first four on your list, because let's face it..they are social plagues. but, even as an athiest, i still beleive in a person's basic right to beleive as they will. for example. my father, a levayen satanist, really really loves to try and point out the flaws and the holes in my grandmother's catholisism. see i hate this kind of thing. number one, it makes my father seem just as dicky and insecure as those christians that do the same thing. constantly following you around, touting their own religion as the right one and the one that YOU need to be a part of. and number two, my grandmother is an old kind lady. she does her best in life and always has. she is happy with her religion and god damn it, she's an old woman. she doesn't have the kind of time to have a crisis of spirituality. working against religon is just as big a dick move as them trying to change your reasonable scientific beleifs
it's what has been done and still being done in the name of religion that I detest , yet the head honcho's of all these religions have sat on their collective arses and done nothing , the suffering brought about by a zelot minority that twists a religious teaching to suit their own needs is now world wide , what is being done today in the name of islam is identical to what was done on the christian crusades , religion will always be highjacked by a callous few . I still believe in freedom of religion .
1) Hatred
2) Stupidity
3) Money
4) Greed
5) Selfishness.

I hate these because one, hatred should not fuel war, war has no need. Hatred is a pointless emotion to me. Two, stupidity is just ignorance really. People who are too ignorant to notice the things that are happening in the world and are in their own bubble. Three, money is STUPID. Why can't we go back in the old days and just barter? Four, greediness is for people who just want, and want and want. I hate people like that and they need to fucking perish. Last of all selfishness, it's pretty much like greed but I guess it can happen in a different manner.
I think that greed and money sort of go hand and hand. I feel you are entitled to another x)
1. murder
2. religion
3. intolerance
4. falseness
5. rudeness

Could fill in so many...but there's some anyway that we could do with less of in the world. Thankfully, never experienced the first personally yet. Intolerance is a much more varied and widespread a thing, that I think everyone has in one form or another.
1. rape
2. intolerance
3. unwanted/selfish/ignorant pregnancy
4. religion
5.people who shelter/spoil their children

The unwanted/selfih/ignorant pregnancy is like when people just fuck and get pregnant because they didnt use birth control then complain and shit, theirs alot of tenage girl who do that in my town with all birth control available in this day and age their is n need for an unwanted pregnancy. the selfish prenancy is when people want a baby but are not prepared for it and who dont make an effort to prepare for it
You have a wonderful list.
Amen, all of these are way worse than the others. Made me laugh
1. Christianity (Need's it's own category)
2. Other religions
3. Homophobia
4. Money
5. Being out of soda when it's hot and you're thirsty.

But there's so much bullshit you can barely pick 5.
hypocrites......grind my gears


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