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So, it’s almost time for me to go and get my hawk trimmed and neatened up a bit. One problem though, in my experience barbers always manage to fuck my hair up in some horrific manner. I'm sure plenty of you out there have this problem; it's like they're utterly incapable of cutting a hawk. It gets even more complicated due to my sideburns (they always ask me if I want them to be cut off as if I just accidentally left two long patches of hair on the sides and shaved the rest to the bone) Not to mention all of the "are you SURE you want me to do that?" looks I get from them.


So anyways, I'm wondering what everyone out there does when it's time to get their hair trimmed and pruned a bit. Do you go to a professional? And if so, do you find a barber or a salon to be better? Or perhaps you do it yourself. If so, please explain your procedure. Hair horror stories are also welcome :)


Oh, and to clear up any confusion, I am talking about trimming the hair in the hawk itself; not the sides (I do that myself)


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That's fuckin beautiful, man.
The first time i wanted to get my hawk, i went to a 'professional' salon, to find i had been allocated a trainee hairdresser. Fine, i thought, its not hard to shave the sides and neaten the middle, right? Wrong, i told her what i wanted done, to leave the middle as long as possible, and neaten it up. So she starts on the sides, and eventually i get bored of her mindless trainee drizzle and just end up letting my mind wander. Well when i regained consciousness, i looked up to see she was attempting to cut the middle.
She looked nervous. I realized, the scissors she was using, were not actually cutting my hair, they were blunt as fck, and she was doing her best to hide this fact from me. I went with it in the end and it was the best fck up possible, doing the easiest hair, possible.

Never went back to that place, i get mine done at another salon now, every 1 and a half months give or take. Perfect job, she shaves the sides down, she gets the line between the short hair and the base of the hawk perfect, and neatens out the tips, and takes out weight if its getting thick.
Nothing wrong with a thick hawk ;) wear and tear helps remove excess hair too..... =(
i been going to the same hole in the wale barber/salon place for a year now. its a girl that runs it by herself. she knows how i like it shaved, and was able to thicken it as wide as i liked. i haven't actually tried trimming the middle yet because i have a goal of 12 inches right now. but when i do diced to, im probably gonna get my sister to do it. ill spike it and let her go to town with it till i like the length.


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