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So the other day i got kicke dout of my hosue after a huge fist fight with my brother and beign thrown down the stairs. I was heading over to my drummer's house(I'm in a band called Paste Card, look us up sometime,, he offered to let me stay at his place for the night. So i packed up my stuff and headed out. As i was walking i got jumped by a bunch of blacks and mexicans. They beat the shit out of me and took my stuff. There was at least ten guys, so i stood no chance. Luckily the worse of my inuries is a minor concussion and some brusied ribs. Anyways, there is where the unity part comes in. I was heading to school this morning, as i'm walking this car pulls up next to me. The window rolls down and this guy with liberty spikes asks me my name. I told him and he asked if i was the kid who got mugged by sunrise(a park where i live). I said i was, and got ready for a fight. Next thing i knwo all the car doors open up and a bunch of punks get out. One of them was carrying my backpack and stuff. They handed it to me and explained how they got it. They heard that some guy got mugged by sunrise and that he was wearing a leather jacket with a bunch of studs and had a mo-hawk. So they decided to head over and check it out. They apparently beat the shit out of these guys. The reason they did this was because i was a fellow punk, and they had seen me at some of the local shows before. I'm not asking for pity or sympathy out of this. I'm just trying to explain how i know that(at least around here) unity is coming back. That punks are starting to stop their bickering of the different kinds and come together. Has anyone else had an experience that showed them that there is a form of unity coming about among the punks?

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I don't feel any unity among punks but I do feel some unity between me and my fellow juggalos. Although I don't know why I'm even responding too this because most of the people on here despise us. Oh well.
you dont feel any unity because you arent a punk
thats a real cool story bro...i really wish i had people around my town that were like that. instead, unity is real dead, and we have quarrels within the scene. its totally fucked up
i can relate to this... most of the punks here are so fake. they wouldn't know unity if it was standing next to them at a Crass concert. They are the ones that think it's punk to sew up everything with dental floss and ridicule anyone who doesn't as a "poseur". Being punk to them is having sex with random chicks in the alley way behind the venue instead of listening to the message. Punk is stealing shit from the Women's Domestic Abuse shelter down the street and tossing it around and breaking it. and apparently its punk to get three or four of your buddies to beat up an old drunk homeless guy behind the venue just because he commented on your skinhead friend's braces. Given that all of the aforementioned are instances of punk, i've never been more glad to be a poseur (because i'm not like this at all) lol!

I'm glad that you were fortunate enough to have fellow punks who gave a shit and really showed unity, but here there are no real punks, i consider myself to be a hanger-on of a dead ideal, its all a fad to these people. I wish that there were more stories like this one happening nation wide, then maybe unity really would be making progress.
Hopefully the underground will branch out and bring the message back to your location Josh. Punk is coming back slowly. There are more and more bands everyday. Hopefully they will spread the message of unity.
and thats what me and my friend are doing, starting a band to further bring the message to people, and to bring good music back, not screamo, thats all we have on the shoreline. no message, just noise
good someone else is keeping the faith lol i'm in the process of starting up a new band myself, the last one i was in i kind of felt stifled and that we were more of a gimmick than anything. now with the stuff i'm writing i can talk about politics and the ills of society in general. there's alot more freedom in what i do now no bullshit just real punk rock.
Wow I got fukkin goosebumps! Really what a great thing unity can be.
thats pretty rad that you got your shit back. at least there is unity amongst the punks it sounds like...
this "unity" is just elitist bullshit
Care to elaborate?
actually i think i know what Seg's getting at... and to a degree he's right. If punks only help punks (at least the one's who fit the stereotype) that's not really unity just more or less a tribe supporting other members of that tribe. I don't always walk around in my boots and studded jacket, should they have come to help me? I'm not so sure they would have.

True unity is something universal, something that applies clear across the board. If this were the case then people should have helped you no matter what you looked like. The world will never see this though because people don't want peace and harmony, people thrive on conflict and exerting their power on others.

We as humans have classified all the animals, we're bored, there's nothing left to accomplish. So what do we do? We classify ourselves, black, white, irish, chinese, catholic, athiest, punk, metal, "emo"... the list goes on as the segregation and exclusiveness gets more specific. We do this so we can draw in more people like ourselves and exclude those who aren't, this creates misunderstandings and often blind hatred and violence amongst those subsets of the human race. This is why there's war, governments, and society in general.

To make a long speech short, Seg's saying that to only help those like yourself is not unity but rather a perpetuation of an exclusive social construct. Don't get me wrong I think that what they did for you is fantastic but idk if I'd call it unity.


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