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I've read many post in which people say they use different types of hairspray but I haven't heard anyone say they use/used school glue. I know I can't be the only one. Out of all the people I know/knew and the friends I've had, I was the only one that used school glue to hawk and spike up my hair. Soooo out of curiosity does any one use glue or have used glue in their hair?

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Its a yes from me!!

Always better as a finishing product, however straight glue is never good though.

Clear school glue is probly the best + comes off your hands easily. By itself it will leave cobweb looking strands in your hair. The white one will just make a mess and floppy hair. Sux : P

 The first hawk I ever cut + stood straight. Using only Elmer's Spray Adhesive (never do, bad!!!) That's kinda funny! That was like 4 years ago ^ X D

I used to go to school with a girl who would use elmers glue. I've used hair glue and basically stripped and ruined my hair doing so. I tried elmers glue once...had second thoughts, washed it out, and styled it as normal. Plus $2 worth of hairspray goes a long, long, long way.


My hair is so thick I won't touch glue in terms of a main product to get it up. The heavier product on your hair, the more likely it is to weigh it down, unless you are using it as a finishing product and not dousing your whole head in it. I swear by hairspray and for good reason, haha. Glue is good for little touch ups and finishing steps (much like how I use knox to seal my hair) but you have to have it completely dry. Completely. Otherwise it's more prone to pull apart and look shitty.

..what the fuck?

Huffing, the stuff you were tempted to do with these guys in art class during elementary school

Aside from being utterly ridiculous it kinda came out of nowhere..o.O
*head desk*
I find it's safe to say that anyone that does any sort of drugs is a fucking moron..
I really could care less what famous people have used drugs.. It is an absolutly disgusting and pathetic habit. And yes, that includes marijuana..
i find this statement offensive
Drugs almost never effect only the user.. They often have great effect on the users friends and family as well. I have my reasons for my opinions.
I'm going to have to side with CorpseQueen here. Whether or not only morons do drugs, I have personal experience with losing a chunk of my friends to drugs. All the rest of them are up their girlfriend's asses and forgot that they have friends that they don't have sex with, which is irrelevant. But, some of them do drugs AND forgot they have friends besides their girlfriend.


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