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started a new jacket, and i'm sick of cutting my fingers while putting studs in. any suggestions on easyer ways to stud a leather jacket.

also, lets compare vests and jackets

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that's basically a old school motorcycle jacket. i see em all the time on criagslist under leather motorcycle jacket lol
Yeah, the problem with researching that though is that a bunch of heavy duty leather jackets that cost well over 200 dollars show up. But I found a thrift store nearby that sells that kind of jacket for like 50 bucks.
that's not really that bad. you should just take a gander at craigslist if you can.. you might find one cheaper
i found a really awesome set of what i think are upholstry needles and tools in my dead grandmother's house. they work great for studs, spikes and patches on leather.
i also wear garden gloves. you might check out a fabric/sewing/craft store and see if you can find a set of big needles...i'm missing was a nice curved needle and my ex stole it because it would pierce a perfect 14 gauge hole and he's dumb enough to shove an old dirty needle thru his lip.
awesome... i'll deffinently give that a shot. thanks
I'm still making it, but here is my jacket.

Aperture Science, and TF2?
(I aslo like wild honeysuckle lotion)
your jacket looks nicely put together i like it
For those who dont already know use dental floss instead of thread when sewing on patches its way stronger and its alot cheaper and easier to steal
I dont sew with floss. haha

My shit stays on..wait. I know how to sew. That might be why ;-)
I know how to sew too believe it or not. I use floss cause my jackets and pants arent just for show they get alot of abuse everyday and need to hold strong. A friend bombed a hill ate shit going 45 mph slid like 20 feet on his back fucked up his back patch but the floss didnt tear at all. Its strong shit and its really cheap.


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