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I was just wondering if when you lost your virginity was it all you expected ? was it with the right person ? I'll start , I was 21 she was 22 , it was all over before I knew what I was doing , it was on my honey moon , I'll never forget it but I think she would like to lol

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Yeah I had the right girl at the wrong time as well, I was 16, she was 15. she wanted it i didnt want to give it up, till a little over a year of us going out. But sadly at that time we were both changing, and becoming too different for eachother. but highschool is like that.
those raging hormones can change a thing of beauty into the bitch from hell lol , what little I remember of high school there was so much going on all the time that you did not have time to stop and think things through , it was just one day after another of sensory overload , all those little stupid things that used to take up so much of your time and energy , like getting into the right group of friends , deciding if you want to be a jock or a geek , I never had time to think about what I wanted to do when I left school .
I am really surprised that this topic came up. I swear I thought I was the only one who still believed in waiting. So yup still a virgin and pretty proud of it. I'm sure I could have given it to the last girl I was with. But I am so glad that I didn't. She was a big slut who broke my heart. There was one person who I would give it to, but we are in to different points in our lives and she lives somewhere else. And has a boyfriend. well there is more to that story.
I think you will find Adam as this thread progresses you will find more like minded people here than you may of expected , it's a cool thing to keep your virginity for the right person and time , at 21 I don't think I had the maturity to deal with all those raging hormones at the time , it is one thing that happens to you in your life that can have lasting effects , never be in a hurry :)
I was 22, she was 21. We were engaged. Was over quickly but we enjoyed it. Got married 2 years later (yes long engagement). It meant by the time of our honeymoon we'd had plenty of practice.
If I remember right Spook you're in Tassie. We spent our honeymoon in Tassie travelling around the whole state.

And in true nerd style, I got a friend to post this thread on my other forum
It was posted 4 years ago when I got married. I hadn't read this thread until about 2 weeks ago. One of the funniest threads I've read even though it's all about making fun of me.

Divorced 2 years ago. Was she the right one? At the time yes. I still think about her and our son. If I could go back in time I probably wouldn't change a thing. Well maybe a couple of little things.
lol I forgot I had a user ID and PW for that site , a lot of witty banter for us nerds & geeks , I'm guessing Morris that you got through that night without any hardware problems ( intentional pun ) yep Tassie is a romantic place ( too bloody cold so you have to cuddle )
Hahahah no problems with my hardware. Never has been ;)

Tassie is a beautiful area. Got 1500+ photos on our 10 day honeymoon. Even introduced (ex) Mrs Morris to a couple of friends there (One in Penguin, the other in Launceston). We did enjoy the cold and finding activities to stay warm ;P~~
"Sex Instructions"
Repeat if necessary


lmao! aw
my bro was engaged for 8 years
still a virgin at 21. this lady at work keeps trying to hook me up with her son, but from what i gather he is just like her, and i cant stand her. kinda hard to find someoe when you dont have a social life. i work from 4pm to 3am, so i dont really have anytime to go out and meet people.
it certainly makes it hard , I have a similar problem , on the odd occasion that I get to meet a beautiful woman through my work she is usually suffering from life threatening injuries or dead :( it does not help that I live up in the mountains in a small town that only has 230 people , not many fish in this ocean :)
Your final phrase reminded me of this picture

I showed this to a friend. She laughed at the photo. I told her that right now I enjoy wandering the desert :P


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