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Just curious, cuz it seems to me everyone is different kind of drunk, so I'm curious what my fellow mohawkers are like when they are drunk?

I myself, only ever been actually drunk once - not much of a drinker - but I am one of the typical people who like to talk about their emotions and cuddle. lol.

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i dont get drunk much..i'll just have a couple of drinks to boost my confidence and so i talk!
i usually get the 'hangover effects' before im actually drunk
like after a few drinks ive got a massive headache and im really sleepy.
its kinda annoying coz if im out at a gig/party/whatever im outta it before the nights anywhere near ending
hmmmm well.... alcohol definately makes me less shy.
im not really shy to begin with, except when it comes to people that i mayyyy have a big huge crush on and totally cant say anything to them because im too shy with that.

but yeahh.. i dont know. i only do karaoke when im drunk :P
ummm... other than that, i dont remember much hahaha.
never been drunk so I'm not sure if I would change :)
I havent really had too many times where I would have been able to have fun drunk, so this isnt really the best answer. Its more of a control thing, that I can't think straight and I can't stannndddd it, so I don't like it a whole lot, but I'm also not against it.
What am I like drunk? I love everybody and talk alot...well, sometimes. Ask my ex what I'm like drunk and she'll lie to you about how much I fucking beat her. Bull shit bitch. NOW I REALLY WILL FUCKING HIT YOU, WHORE!!!
cuddles ftw
I'm an extremely shy person and I've got some bad anxiety issues, but when I drink I just feel so much better.
I'm just so much more relaxed, confident, and comfortable around people. It feels like the weight of the earth is lifted off of my shoulders. I just feel free to say what I want to say and do what I want to do, besides driving.
sounds like you should be permanently pissed herb lol
Haha, yeah.

But alcoholism runs in both sides of my family (I'm Irish, what can I say?), so I have to be careful and not drink too often.
Same here. I'm very shy and usually don't talk a lot but after a couple of beers i open up and can talk to anyone about anything. Then again, if i have too much to drink i start singing or i quote Simpsons episodes, which seems to annoy people :)
Oh god, I was early to smashed on my 15th birthday (the night before, in my house, with my mom asleep in the next room, and me falling all over the place like an asshole...threw up everywhere but I digress.) My motto back in my party days was, if I'm going to drink I want to get drunk. I used to say I was a fun drunk...for the most part I was...but I was one of those girls who wanted to make out constantly (still had my virginity then) so I just made out with everyone. Make out whore. And I used to get so trashed sometimes, like if I wasn't with friends who would take care of me Idk what could have happened to me. I think back on the times I got shitfaced, and it scares me a little, all the things that could have happened...and some of the things that did. And if I wasn't happy, fun drunk. I was an emotional wreck...I'd just cry my eyes out...and that my friend is not fun...for me...or anyone else.

Now I just don't really have a desire to drink...haven't in a while...just doesn't seem appealing anymore.
I don't drink very often. I didn't start until I was 27. I was out with workmates and I said "I don't drink but I'm willing to learn" :P
I should have eaten beforehand :P

When I do drink it takes a lot to get me drunk, hence why I don't do it often. It gets expensive.
Most of my friends think I get quieter the more I drink, but a very clever friend realised what I do. I shut up and listen to people. I observe. I make sure that people are okay.

Outside of work and very close friends, I'm actually a quiet and shy person.
Since I didn't start drinking until later in my life I was used to being the sober person with the camera, gathering evidence for those too drunk to remember :P


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