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Like the title says, what are you listening to right now?

For me it's:
Casa De Chihuahua - Welcome To Hell

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Bring Back The Bomb by Gwar

Knuckleheads - Frenzal Rhomb


Shitty punk music by cunts from three different states of Australia.

heh fucken Frenzal

always put on a good show


Smut Peddlers - Repeat Offender


GG Allin - Expose Yourself To Kids


 ..Not exactly punk rock.. -shrug-

still a good band tho
get by - everlast
White rabbit -Jefferson airplane, smoking music fucking check.
The Devil Makes Three- Ol' Number Seven.
Battle song-Ensiferum.

The Casualties - We Are All We Have

hank3- rebel within :D


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