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Who got a mohawk/dye for Xmas day? And what other gifts did you receive? =)

Merry Xmas All!

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well I have my christmas colours in again this year , flouro lime green with black tips , looks like a christmas tree lol if I stand around long enough outside K-mart people might put prezzies at my feet thinking I'm a giving tree :) that's the pluss side , it is 5:30 pm christmas day here and allready I have been to 3 serious motor vehicle accident's all with children in the cars :( some people just will not learn , take it easy and drive to the conditions , saving 5 minutes by driving fast is not worth losing your family , so please have a merry christmas and more importantly have a safe one .
Those colours sound great! Hope you'll get some photos of it!

That's bad - yeah, it's worth taking care when driving, esp. at this time of year.
They have K-mart in Australia?
I got some navy standard issue fatigues from my uncle who works for the navy. I get free stuff from the US governemt and don't have to give crap back :D. Yet at least. I got a couple gift cards. I havn't gotton anything from my parents and don't think I will until after christmas.
yep. nothing.
well lreen let me be the first to give you a big christmas * HUGG * from way down under :) hope the rest of your day has a little more cheer in it :)
Well.. I KNOW I got a new laptop and rockband 2.. because I picked the laptop out and watched my dad order it, and then my brother snooped and found rockband 2.. Other than that I don't know because NO ONE IS AWAKE! AND I WANT TO OPEN MY PRESENTS DAMN IT!!!!

The highlight of Christmas in my house are two things.. 1) My grandma makes the BEST fucking cinnamon buns in the world andddd 2) My dog goes NUTS when he opens his presents (he's getting a Henrietta Chicken toy... it's this female rubber chicken who wears very revealing clothing and has HUGE boobs.. she also screams and sounds like a crying baby.. best toy EVAR!)
LOL That's sounds like a good Xmas =)
i got lots of things a new laptop tons of got2be shit clothges shoes cds giftcards video games hats sock beanies a fuckin expensive ass silver ring wit a fuckin bad ass grim reaper face belts money and a shitload more stuff that i cant remember now im pretty spoiled hahaha
not much, i tried to go chrissy colours with my hawk but it failed :(
Awe :( What happened?
turned into spinach, then faded somewhow thenit got red in it


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