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Who got a mohawk/dye for Xmas day? And what other gifts did you receive? =)

Merry Xmas All!

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WOO i got some too
Wear all three watches. It looks cool! XD Back when I had three that worked, I did that all the time. I set one to my time, one to west coast time, and one to where my sister lived! XD
wow only some martini after gifts i dont even remember christmas i was smoked out and hammer 2boot
i got drunk.
Really? i half expected it.

but then again how do you half expect something?
I got a sombrero. It's awesome.
ever seen south park were cartman steals an antonio banderas blow up sex doll from a package cuz he thinks its a christmas gift from his mom and then blows it up via genitalia
Money, a car battery, some Schwartz hog liquor with a novelty flask, and a liquor dispenser with a skull for the tap. Think I made out alright this year.
New laptop, 80 bucks collectively from family, a yoyo and some coffee mugs, a bucnh of axe body wash (I think my family is trying to say something haah) and some of those wood puzzles that like make a shape within itself if you figure it out haha


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