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 How in the world did you end up the way you are? Is it in your blood? Sick of being like everyone else?

  I was always into punk. My first C.D I ever got, at the age of four, was Punk Rock Is Your Friend. I was immediately entranced. Then slowly became the strange, unique person I am. My friend showed me a bunch of bands that he liked and then I started listening to more punk. Went to my first concert in November of seventh grade and saw mohawks and liberty spikes. I wanted one so bad, I got one over the summer. 

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i say i hung out with him but it was more like stalking haha!

Maybe it's in my blood, but really not in my genes, 'cause N O O N E is looking just a bit like me in my whole family.


Buuut... punk made me go punk.

i just always had a different opinion on things and i heard of punk but i never really understood it till i got older and i started to listen to punk and everything that they were saying were my thoughts and i realized that i was into the fashion is pretty bad ass and i know its not about the look but hey its a plus

Must be my brother and his friends who got me into punk.

Imagine the damn most amazing group of punks you can think of, that were them.

We had a big house and an awesome attic, renovated by punks, and we always had people there, and I saw up to them.


It just came naturally for me to shave a mohawk at the age of 10, and had it until I was around 14, then I started experimenting more. My brother is now 27 and has been punk for 10 years, myself for 6 years and my littlebrother just started to seem interested.


Damn, what a story.

I Was Sick Of Everybody Telling Me I Can't So I Just Kinda Snapped And Started Doing What I Wanted To Do. So Far So Good :)

I heard Green Day on the radio and thought it was awesome. I then went home and found as much punk online as I cold. I was hooked.
well i grew up listening to the WHO the Police and AC/DC so that turned in Greenday because they were more modern but not punk they are alternative and then i got into the Ramones and Clash
it was the fact that i was sick of being like everyone else around here but i feel if i dressed in spikey jackets and a mohawk id be like every other punk...hahaha um i always been the rebelious underdog guy that took no crap from no1 soo i guess attitude wise got me into punk,,,butim more into metal and shit
damn punk at 17 thas around the same age i began fuckn with punk,,had a mohawk and a studded jscket and liberty spikes....i do my spikes once in a while buti like to just take a lil bit of stuff from each genre of music i like...make my own style n shit
I was an alt 90s grunge kid. Piercings, undercut, chili pepper red hair, listening to Offspring, Elastica, Green Day, Garbage etc. I was at a mate's house and he said "I'm gonna put some punk on" and I said "what that 80s shit ?" He put Stiff Little Fingers on and well, I thought it was bloody amazing. A few weeks later I saw my first live punk bands, at a didgy pub in Birmingham. I think it was the P.M.T.s and Velvet Underpants. Words can't describe how much that night buzzed my head. The rest is history :o)
throughout the 90s i was into grunge too - nirvana, alice in chains... eventually my best buddy's older brother gave me bad religion's suffer and nofx's punk in drublic -- and i was hooked.  got distillers s/t when it came out and fell in love, went to ska shows and felt the unity... ya know, it was probably the first time i crowd surfed and stage dove in my favorite venue in denver called the blue bird.  maybe it was when i got into my first circle pit... but like most of you punks it was also when i realized that i didnt have to give a shit about what people think about me, what they think is good music or what i look like.  also seeing bad religion, distillers, anti-flag, against me! and strike anywhere for the first time will make you punk for-fucking-ever. 
Nice!! Stiff Little Fingers are badass!


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