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What is the one thing in life that means the most to you?

For me it would have to be punk music. I wouldnt be where i am today without it.

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My children! I love them with all my heart!
music! Although not punk; I mainly listen to industrial, metal, and grunge.
Creating something - either by programming, drawing or writing. All very satisfying once you have something done to look back at.
though this will undoubtedly change at some point;
1. My Guitar, it's my future i believe
but once more they may change in teh future
Tie between my hands, becaue i mean i coulnt realy do anything without my hands, and my vest, i wear my vest every single day and its jus one of things that means so much bcaus you know you made it what it is, and nobody in the rest of world has one exacly like yours.
my kids/mma/hardcore/heavymetal,,,,thats one thing lol
My guitar
Family...not the trashy ass step brothers...
Do you know who Pauly unstoppable is? Well if you dont look him up hes a famous body modder and works at a mall by my town anyway he got reconstructive surgery for his earlobes
Friends, Family, Music.
All on the same level with me.
All that's keeping me going right now.
without a doubt, punk rock. i swear i would have killed myself if i never got into it.
my dog, forest, hes my everything and i dont know how i ever lived without him.
The things I entitle as most important are:
those that I hold close
personal growth of individuality, intellect, relationships, etc.
not being stagnant by living life and experiencing its highs and lows to the fullest
physical wellbeing and capability
outlets for expression such as music
attributes including honor, strength, and courage


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